What is a Southwest Airlines group ticket?

Southwest Airlines lets you book your flight ticket in a Group Booking when you travel with more than ten people in a single plane. It has an excellent travel program that provides extra flexibility and discounted airfare. With Southwest Group travel, you even get help making your travel experience more affordable, easy, and fun while traveling conveniently with your family and friends. 

How does Southwest Group work?

You can simply request the group booking on Southwest Airlines by connecting with a live person and get the complete facility of group booking service conveniently. So, if you have any queries regarding Group Booking service and ask how it works, you need to learn the basid concepts and understand the simple points provided by the experts below. 

  1. When you initiate group booking, you'll need to fill out the group booking form and enter the ten-passenger's name with their contact number.
  2. You need to deposit at least $50 per person to hold the reservation before completing your group booking.
  3. You must use a credit card which is the only best form of payment for deposits, and make a confirmation for group booking by connecting with a live person.
  4. When you completely submit a name list of the passengers who travel in a group booking, you can get the phone call service to share your concerns about booking your flight in a group.
  5. Group booking is excellent when you make a plan with a Sports and School Group, Religious Group, Family Group, and so on.   

What are the benefits of group traveling on Southwest?

By planning a group booking, you'll get several benefits that you can't imagine when booking an individual flight on Southwest Airlines. Please check the various benefits of group booking details below.

Get flexibility in making your travel plane:

While making group bookings with Southwest Airlines, you get the facility to choose the cheapest day and avoid making any upfront payment. You also get the facility to choose the best flight that you can book to travel comfortably. 

No extra fees:

You don't need to pay any extra service fees at the time of booking, ticketing, or changing any group booking details.

Change unlimited passenger's name:

You will get the facility to change the passenger's name several times up to 72 hours before your flight departure and get a facility to make your travel plan smoothly.   

Earn round-trip tickets:

When you purchase at least every 29 Group Tickets, you will get the round-trip ticket free from a tour conductor and pay only taxes and service fees.  

How many People in a Group travel Southwest?

You can travel with at least ten people in a Group booking on the same flight. You will conveniently get complete group booking facilities at the lowest rate while traveling with all ten passengers. 

How to book a group flight ticket on Southwest Airlines?

When you organize your group booking with Southwest Airlines, you need to contact the airline's travel agent and give the passenger's details, including destination, travel date, and time. After that, please wait for a response by getting a custom quote on your phone or email and fill out the complete form for group booking by adding all ten passengers and requesting for group booking on Southwest Airlines smoothly.   

How far in advance should I book a group flight with Southwest?

You can complete your group booking service about 115 to 21 days in advance of the day of travel and get more benefits and services while planning your group booking especially.  

How do you get a group boarding Southwest?

When completing your group booking, you get the facility to check in for your flight and get the boarding position that starts within 24 hours before your flight departure. You may get the online check-in process for the Southwest group boarding service by selecting the positions that you will find in groups A, B, and C for all passengers easily.   

How many people can be in the boarding group at Southwest?

When you fly with Southwest Airlines along with at least ten passengers, you plan your group booking to provide you with at least three boarding groups: A, B, and C. Each group contains at least 60 people and is positioned at the time of flight journey. Further, when you go for the check-in task, you will be assigned one of these 180 positions that determine your seating arrangements by choosing the best seats. In addition to these three seats, the carrier even provides you with preboarding family, military, and extra boarding groups.   

Is it cheaper to book a Southwest flight as a group?

Yes, booking a Southwest flight as a group is more affordable when you fly with more than ten passengers in a single plane and travel to the same destination. You get a single flight ticket valid for all passengers who can experience the same amenities and facilities while traveling to your destinations at the lowest prices in a group booking.   

What is the number for Southwest group travel?

When you need to get the group travel service with Southwest Airlines, you can talk about your worries about Group Booking with a live person. You'll need to call Southwest Group Travel phone number at 1(800)433-5368 to share your travel concerns with a real person who will answer you regarding group booking as soon as possible. So, if you have any queries regarding Group Booking flight service and need help changing a passenger's name, selecting a seat, or want to solve other travel queries, get this phone number to connect with a live person to get a solution on time.   

Can you get a discount for flying in a group at Southwest?

Yes, you can get a discount for flying in a group at Southwest Airlines as it offers a special rate for group booking smoothly. You may even get the amenities when you meet with at least ten passengers in the Southwest group travel discount service and conveniently get complete facilities and services without facing any trouble.