A Guide to Southwest Delayed Service Compensation

Southwest Airlines gains the trust of passengers and makes a long-term impact by affiliating with multiple compensation policies for customer understanding and convenience. Whether it is delayed baggage, flight delay, lost baggage, or damaged baggage, Southwest will announce immediate compensation by covering the relevant documents as per their respective policies.

Southwest delay compensation policy

The policy is divided into three sections, categorized as per the reported time of delay. Go through with the southwest delay compensation policy for future use:

1-hour delay compensation: You are eligible for a rebooking as compensation for any delays of approximately 60 minutes. You may also receive redeemable vouchers for your future travel. 

2-hour delay compensation: No compensations are offered against such a delay; the airline will provide refreshments and drinking water.

3-hour delay compensation: For any delay of 180 minutes or more, you can avail of one of the following compensations from Southwest:

  • Rebook a new flight as per your schedule and provide LUV vouchers as compensation for the delay.
  • Provide a full refund as compensation.

What is the Southwest 2-hour delay policy? 

The 2-hour delay policy for Southwest Airlines is the scenario in which you can request compensation. The summary description of the applicable case scenarios is as follows:

  1. For flight delays of more than 2 hours, if the aircraft pilot in command deems it safe to do so, Southwest Airlines will provide refreshments and drinking water.
  2. Southwest offers equitable compensations, as per the terms and conditions for the Southwest 2-hour delay compensation. 
  3. The compensation may be in cash, or you may also get a cover voucher for your next booking.

How long does a flight have to be delayed for compensation Southwest?

To be eligible for Southwest flight delayed compensation, the flight must be postponed for at least a minimum time of 180 minutes(3 hours). Any time beyond the specified limit is also addressed to refunds under the same compensation policy. 

Does Southwest give compensation for delays?

Southwest gives a reasonable compensation between $100-$800 for flight delays. You can claim this compensation by using the following methods:

  • Dial Southwest customer support number: 1 (800) 435-9792 to reach someone for Southwest compensation for canceled flight live assistance. Press 9 to get a live person on call and request compensation for the inconvenience you’ve faced.
  • Ask for help from a consumer spokesperson standing behind the Southwest kiosk at the airport if your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours. 
  • Southwest email support is also a reliable alternative to claim compensation. To send a compensation request via email, land the designated Contact Us page from Southwest's official website and use the ‘send us an email’ link. 

Does Southwest have to compensate for canceled flights?

Woohoo! Southwest is providing compensation for canceled flights as well! If the delay can’t be abbreviated, Southwest will have to cancel your flight for ongoing technical issues. However, the airline still offers profitable compensations and refunds for any such scenario. 

Does Southwest pay for delayed baggage?

Apart from all the compensation offers, Southwest also pays for your delayed baggage, but under the following circumstances:

  • If you report the incident to Southwest executives within 4 hours of:
  • Arrival at the airport.
  • Retrieving the luggage.
  • If you reach a Southwest agent with verifiable proof of the damaged bag due to the delay.

How much will Southwest compensate for lost luggage?

$3,800.00 is the overall compensation limit Southwest propounds as Southwest lost baggage compensation for the customer's inconvenience. You can also request excess valuation if you registered the cost value of your luggage at the time of check-in. 

Compensations are subject to airline situations and credibility as well. If you were denied boarding due to conditions like lack of proper documentation, Southwest is not entitled to initiate any compensation.