Contact Etihad Airways Customer Service to Share Your Concern

Etihad Airways is a national flag carrier and one of the major airlines in the United Arab Emirates. The airline is known for its intelligent and impeccable customer support team, who are available 24/7 to solve the needs and problems of Etihad passengers. You can contact the airline directly whether you have booking-related concerns or other. Multiple channels are available to connect with Etihad; however, you can call the Etihad Airways phone number to access quick support. The article below includes a plethora of information about Etihad Airways customer service; take a look for smooth communication. 

How do I speak to a live person at Etihad? 

Whether you need to check flight status, booking, cancellation, check-in, refund or are expecting some last-minute changes, you can speak to a live person at Etihad at any time. To do so, call the Etihad Airways contact number, 600 555 666, and follow some simple instructions. Here is how:

Dial the Etihad UAE customer phone number: 600 555 666 and select your language, press 1 for English, 2 for regional language, and follow IVR:

Press 1 for reservation 
Press 2 to make a modification 
Press 3 for the flight schedule 
Press 4 for seat selection
Press 5 for more options 

Select any of these numbers that suits you best and continue. Soon, a live agent from connected departments will join the phone. You can talk to them and get solutions to your queries immediately.

What is the phone number for Etihad Airways in the USA?

If you are in the USA and need to speak with the Etihad customer care team, you can call Etihad Airways contact number USA +1 877 690 0767. The phone line is available 24/7. 

Etihad Airways Contact Number in Different Countries/Cities

Argentina              +971 600555666
Australia               +61 130 053 2215
Austria                  +49 3095999805
Bahrain                 +973 80081444
Belarus                 +971 600555666
Belgium                +32 (0) 22 008 880
Bulgaria               +971 600555666
Canada               +1 866 948 1081
Chile                    +971 600555666
China                   +86 400 882 2050
Croatia                  +971 600555666
Czech Republic     +971 600555666
Denmark                 +971 600555666
Egypt                      0800 000 0147
Finland                  +971 600555666
France                   +33 (0) 15 732 4343
Germany                +49 (0) 309 599 9805
Greece                    +30 211 198 6206
Hong Kong, China    +971 600555666
Hungary                   +971 600555666
Iceland                      +971 600555666
India                         1800 1233901
Indonesia                  0078 03 011 4933 
Ireland                    +353 (0) 16 569 900
Israel                        +972 23764028
Italy                        +39 022 333 1300
Japan                        +81 (0) 33 298 4719
Jordan                        800 22 803
Kazakhstan               +971 600555666
Kenya                         +254 207650946
Korea                        +82 (0) 23 483 4888
Kuwait                       +965 22 280 566
Lebanon                       +971 4 4017005    
Macedonia                    +971 600555666    
Malaysia                       +60 377244340    
Maldives                       +91 80 3715 2312    
Montenegro                    +971 600555666
Morocco                        +212 0 520480047
Nepal                           +91 80 3715 2312
Netherlands                   +31 (0) 20 203 5444
Nigeria                          +234 708 060 1835
Norway                        +971 600555666
Oman                           800 76423
Pakistan                        00800 90044385
Philippines                         +63 2 77926044
Poland                              +971 600555666
Portugal                             +971 600555666
Qatar                              800 101 501
Romania                         +971 600555666    
Russia                               +7 499 272 3786    
Saudi Arabia                    800 844 7893 
Serbia                            +971 600555666
Seychelles                    +91 80 3715 2312
Singapore                       +65 68 185 555
Slovak Republic               +971 600555666
Slovenia                            +971 600555666
South Africa                        0860 123 150    
Spain                                  +34 900810474    
Sri Lanka                          +91 80 3715 2312
Sweden                              +971 600555666
Switzerland                          +41 (0) 84 400 2211
Thailand                              +66 (0) 27 873 377
Turkey                                +90 850 282 5001
UAE                                  600 555666 when calling from within the UAE
UAE                                 +971 600 555 666 when calling from outside UAE
UK                                   +44 (0) 345 608 1225
USA                                   +1 877 690 0767
Vietnam                              12280399
Bosnia & Herzegovina    +971 600555666

How do I get in touch with Etihad?

If you have any reservation-related issues and seek immediate support, you can speak to a live person at Etihad. Here are the quick steps you can follow: 

Dial the Etihad customer care number +1 877 690 0767 and opt for a service language you easily understand and follow IVR: 

Press 1 to make a new reservation
Press 2 to change/cancel the existing booking 
Press 3 for refund queries 
Press 4 for seat selection 
Press 5 for More

Listen to these carefully and select one topic you want to get assistance with. When the phone is connected to the concerned departments, be online. In a while, a live agent at Etihad will join you, talk to them, and you can get real-time solutions. 

How can I contact Etihad customer service? 

Here, we have explained all the contact options; check it out: 

Chat support:  You can chat with the Etihad virtual agent 24/7 to share common queries such as booking, baggage, refund, etc. It is one of the quickest and simplest options to communicate with the airline. To begin with chat:

  • Go to the Etihad help page link https://www.etihad.com/en-us/help
  • Scroll down, and on the left, you will see the option' online chat. 
  • Click on the 'Let's Chat link and enter 'Name' and 'Email' to access the chat option.
  • When the chat box pops up, write your questions in the message field.
  • Choose a link from the options you get on the page.
  • Follow the instructions accurately, and you will be able to begin a live chat session with an Etihad agent soon.

Social Media: You can share them with Etihad on various social media networks like LinkedinFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here, we have listed all the social media links of Etihad; choose the one you want to connect through. To share your message via these platforms, log in to your accounts and then go to the Etihad official page. You can post the questions directly on the timeline or use the dedicated message option on the screen to share messages. Once the message is shared, you can expect a response in 1-2 hours.

Contact Form: If you want the Etihad team to contact you back or wish to share any thoughts with the airline, using the contact form is the best option. To contact via the contact form, follow these: 

  1. Go to the contact form link Contact Form on the website. 
  2. You can provide the information to access the contact form.
  3. When the form opens up, provide all the necessary details. 
  4. You also get a chance to attach any files and supportive documents. 
  5. Now submit the form for the Etihad team to review 
  6. The form will be shared with the concerned Etihad team and after reviewing it, they will get back to you soon.  

How do I contact Etihad Airways by email?

If you have any inquiry that requires a written response like feedback, complaint, suggestions, etc., you can email Etihad at the Etihad Airways email address dutymediaofficer@etihad.ae & guest@etihadguest.com. Emailing is quite a time-consuming procedure; it might take hours to get a response. To email: 

  • Click on the desired email id link above, and a mailbox will appear. 
  • You can write your email ID and then type the email's subject. 
  • If necessary, enclose the supportive documents. 
  • In the email body, explain your concern; it should be clear, correct, and short. 
  • Ensure you provide all the necessary information, including your confirmation number, phone number, etc., to speed up the procedure. 
  • Once the email is ready, send it; the Etihad team will then review it and get back to you soon. 

What time can I call Etihad?

Etihad customer care is available 24 hours a day for a week. So technically, you can call Etihad Airways customer service anytime. But you should also consider the waiting period when connecting with the airline via phone. You must avoid calling the airline during peak hours, such as flight cancellations, delays, etc. The call volume then is very high, and you need to wait longer to speak with the agent. On regular days, you can call the airline during early morning or late evening to get quick assistance. 

Is Etihad customer service 24 hours?

Yes! Etihad Airways customer service is 24/7 available. If you seek assistance, you can call the hotline number to speak with an Etihad agent anytime. In addition, if the phone lines are busy, you can also contact the airline via chat, social media, contact form, etc. 

How to contact Etihad at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Many contact options are available if you are at Abu Dhabi Airport and need to contact Etihad for booking-related or other queries. In addition, the best option is to call the airline directly at the Etihad Abu Dhabi airport contact number +971 2 5110000 and Reservation number +971 2 5990844 & +971 2 5990000. Here is how. 

  • Dial the Etihad Abu Dhabi office number +971 2 5110000
  • Choose a language you are okay with, and follow the IVR menu. 
  • Select the topic from the phone you have called Etihad for
  • The system will connect you to the appropriate departments, stay on the line.
  • Soon, an Etihad agent will answer your call, discuss the problem, and get the solution. 

Which terminal is Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi?

The Etihad Airways flights operate to Terminal 3. 

Where is Etihad headquarters?

The Etihad headquarters is located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The complete address is New Airport Road, Khalifa City A, P.O. Box 35566. Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.

How do I complain to Etihad Airlines?

If you are unhappy with any Etihad services and wish to share a complaint, it's simple. You can use the online feedback form or email the airline directly at guest@etihadguest.com & feedback@etihad.ae. In addition, call the Etihad customer service number directly if you need to speak with a live agent about your complaint. Here is the official way of sharing complaints with Etihad; take a look: 

  1. To share a complaint, go to the link Complaint. 
  2. On the page, you can choose whether the complaint is for you or someone else. 
  3. Now provide details required on the screen and next. 
  4. You get a complaint form onscreen to provide details. 
  5. Once the details are filled up, submit the complaint, and the Etihad team will respond to you soon 

How good is Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways is quite a favorite among its passengers, and its frequent flyers have rated the airline 8.3 out of 10, which is above average. In addition, the airline has also been rewarded and certified as a 4-star airline for its airport quality, onboard products, and staff services. Product rating means in terms of seats, amenities, food, cleanliness, IFE, etc. Service rating means Etihad's cabin and ground staff are also good and supportive. 

Why do people call Etihad Airways customer service?

There are several reasons why people might call Etihad Airways; some of the common ones are listed below:  

  • Reservation & Ticketing 
  • To manage reservation
  • To cancel ticket 
  • For seat selection
  • Check-in queries
  • Flight schedule 
  • Membership 
  • Lounge, etc.

Conclusion: Etihad Airways has a huge customer support department that deals with customer issues and questions 24/7. There are many contact options available to contact customer support; However, you can call the airline directly to speak to someone at Etihad. The airline provides a phone number for several reasons; You can call a hotline in that particular region to connect with the airline.

You can also contact the airline in various other ways, including chat, email, social media, contact form, etc. You can also contact Etihad in Abu Dhabi by calling the Abu Dhabi number. Also, share a complaint with the airline if you are not satisfied with the service. Hopefully, you will have answers to all the queries; Share your thoughts in the box below for more details and feedback.