How do I speak to someone at Air Canada? 

When there is a difficulty with a new or previous travel with Air Canada it is ideal to contact them for the essential information you need. The best method to talk directly to a live person at Air Canada is to place a call to customer service. One can follow the calling procedure that is given below:

Initially dial the Air Canada toll-free number: 1 (888) 247-2262 and talk to a real person.

You can change the IVR language or go on with the default language, and carefully hear the options on the IVR,

  • Choose 1 to know flight status,
  • Choose 2 to know your flight details,
  • Choose 3 to make a new reservation,
  • Choose 4 to manage an existing reservation,
  • Choose 5 for a preferred seat selection,
  • Choose 6 for a refund request,
  • Choose # to join the call with an executive.

How can I get through an Air Canada customer representative? 

The ways that are available to get through Air Canada customer service are as follows:


The chat process is available for individuals who want to connect to an executive online and talk without any waiting. Air Canada chat support can be attained by following the below points:

Open the Air Canada webpage on the browser,

  1. Click the Customer Support option and forward to the required page,
  2. On that page, you will see a small chat icon in a corner,
  3. Selecting it, a chat screen will appear in the same corner,
  4. You may choose your query from the provided options in the chat screen,
  5. You can also type the requirement you have on the given space,
  6. The executive who joins your chat will immediately reply and provide you with the details as per your requirements. 

Social Media 

Another platform where chat assistance from an executive can be obtained is Air Canada's social media handles. One can join their different social media sites and receive quick updates from the airlines and can contact Air Canada directly to receive support.

Facebook, TwitterInstagram

How do I call Air Canada from outside Canada?

Here is the list of the numbers that can be used to contact customer service:

United States: 1-888-247-2262
Argentina: 0 800 345 1540
Australia: 0011 800 6699 2222
Bahamas: 1-888-247-2262
Brazil- 0 800 591 8842
Colombia: 01 800 518 9401
Costa Rica- 0 800 032 0066
Italy- +39 06 8351 4955 
Panama- 507-836-6225
Peru- 0800 74 551
Puerto Rico- 1 866 257 0333
United Kingdom: 00 800 669 92222
Uruguay- 000 405 4615

How do I contact Air Canada by email? 

Air Canada can be contacted by email from the official site. A person has to fill out an email form on the site mentioning all the queries and some personal info. An executive from the designated department will get back in 24 to 48 hours. The method to contact customer service by email is as follows:

  1. Go to the webpage of Air Canada first,
  2. Tap the Customer Support key in the home bar,
  3. On the new page, you need to choose the "Send us an email" option,
  4. It will direct to the email form on the page,
  5. Select your issue from the provided topics and tap the button Next,
  6. Fill in the required fields in the form,
  7. Then Submit the same to share with Air Canada. 

What time does Air Canada customer relations open?

Air Canada customer relations open at 6:00 am and are available till 10 pm daily, Monday to Friday in a week. However, if you wish to contact an executive irrespective of the working hours, the Air Canada phone number 24/7 is 1-888-247-2262. You can dial the number anytime to obtain assistance from customer service. 

What is the best time to call an Air Canada representative?

The best time for calling an Air Canada representative is at the earliest of their opening hours. You must avoid calling customer service in the middle of the day as, at that time, the number of calls is high, which results in a lack of executives to provide support. So, either call earliest in the morning or late at night. 

What kind of problems does the Air Canada customer service agent solve?

The problems a passenger faces with their traveling or after the flight journey with Air Canada are solved by the customer service agent. Some of the major issues that an agent resolves at Air Canada are as follows:

Reservation issue: If a traveler finds it difficult to reserve their seat with Air Canada, then the agent can help to reserve the seat as per the need. 

Flight Reschedule: When the plans of a flight ticket holder change and they need a new booking, the customer service agent can help to reschedule the flight. 

Flight cancels and delays: In case a flight is canceled or delayed, the agent can help the passengers to rebook a flight or cancel the booking as per the need. 

Refund Claims: One can contact the customer service agent at Air Canada to claim the refunds based on eligibility. 

Additional Assistance Requirement: A passenger with disabilities, mobility, or hearing can contact an agent to get additional assistance as required for their flight journey with Air Canada.

How do I call Air Canada to change my flight?

If you need to contact Air Canada by phone to change your flight, dial the phone number: 1-888-247-2262. A person that avails on the line will require your flight info and the changes you need on the booking. By sharing the information, your flight will be changed based on your requirement over the call at Air Canada. 

How do I contact Air Canada for a refund?

An individual who would like to contact Air Canada regarding a refund has to fill out an online form from the website. The steps for applying for a refund are as follows:

  • You have to go to the Customer Support page on Air Canada's website,
  • Select the "Refund Services" tab on the page,
  • Find the "Refund Form" link on the page that appears,
  • In the Air Canada refund form, you have to fill in the following details:
  1. Refund Type
  2. Flight Number
  3. Full Name 
  4. Contact Number 
  5. Payment Details,
  6. Concerned files 
  • To add all the details, press the Submit key,
  • Your refund will be submitted to Air Canada. 

What is the phone number for Air Canada seats?

If you are wondering about choosing your preferred seat on the plane you have booked and for the same like to contact the concerned department, dial the Air Canada customer service number for preferred seats: 1-800-667-4732 within Canada and the US. To contact outside the country, you can call on the number 1-514-369-7039 for preferable seats. The official will help you to get the seat you like on your reserved flight with additional charges. 

How do I contact Air Canada about international baggage?

A person with international baggage-related issues and queries can speak to someone at Air Canada by using the Baggage Center number: 1 888 689-BAGS (2247). The baggage center service is available between 5 am to 11 pm daily. 

How do I escalate an issue with Air Canada?

You can contact an executive by phone and email to escalate an issue with Air Canada directly. However, there is a complaint form available on the official page that you can fill out in order to escalate your issue. Look at the customer service page for the complaint form and fill it with the required details, such as contact and flight info, along with the description of the matter.