A comprehensive guide on 'Spicejet SpiceClub Program'

SpiceJet, one of India leading low-cost carriers, has introduced its SpiceClub Program, a loyalty initiative designed to provide exclusive benefits and privileges to its valued customers. It offers passengers to enroll in this program successfully and get the chance to earn and use SC Points with SpiceJet or its partner. 

Passengers can enroll in the Spicejet SpiceClub Program once using a unique mobile contact number and email id. You cannot use these contact details to create another membership for the program. 

What are the benefits of SpiceClub membership?

As a member of the SpiceClub Program, you can enjoy a wide array of perks to make your travels more rewarding and seamless. Some of the benefits include:

Priority Check-in: SpiceClub members benefit from priority check-in at SpiceJet counters. It saves their time and avoids long queues during peak times.

Complimentary Meals: You can enjoy complimentary meals and refreshments on the flight, ensuring an enjoyable journey from departure to arrival.

Free Seat Selection: You can choose your preferred seats on the aircraft with no charges, ensuring a comfortable flying experience.

Excess Baggage Allowance: SpiceClub members are awarded an extended baggage allowance, hence can carry more luggage without incurring extra fees.

Faster Security Checks: speedy security checks at selected airports, streamlining the pre-boarding process.

Priority Boarding: You get on the aircraft before other passengers; hence ensure ample time to settle in and relax.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts: You can access exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions on bookings and partner services.

How do I become a SpiceClub Program member?

To become a member of the SpiceClub program, here is a straightforward process you can follow:

  • To enroll, visit the official SpiceJet website or use their mobile app. Navigate to the SpiceClub section and sign up using the link https://spiceclub.spicejet.com/signup 
  • To create an account, provide the necessary information on the screen, such as name, contact details, and email address.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the SpiceClub program, click on Submit
  • You will get a confirmation email soon with your membership details and your unique SpiceClub ID.

How do you earn Spice Club points?

You can earn Spice Club points when booking flights or any add-ons through the Spicejet website, mobile app, call center, travel agent, or online booking channels. The SpiceJet system identifies your PNR as a member by the first name/ surname or mobile number. Once done, the SC points are credited against your flight. The SC Points are valid for two years from the travel date.

You can earn SC Points only under your name for bookings made for yourself once the journey is completed. You can also earn SC Points against the amount you have spent on flights and add-ons. 

The airline has tie-ups with partners like hotels, car rental agencies, and retail brands. You can earn SC points by availing the services or making purchases from any of the SpiceJet partners. Besides, if you made a booking via any of the program partners or other channels, you will have to claim your SC Points under your SpiceClub account login by using the details of PNR. 

Who are eligible for SpiceClub Program membership?

If you are willing to Join SpiceClub Program membership, here are the eligibility and certain conditions you need to follow: 

  • If you want to enroll in the SpiceClub program, your age should be eighteen years or more at the time of enrolment. If you meet the criteria, you are lawfully eligible to enter into the contract.
  • You are only allowed to maintain a single account under the SpicClub program. If you are assigned more than one account number, the airline reserves the right to merge both accounts. 
  • Besides, remember that changes in the SC member ID are not allowed once the enrollment of Your SpiceClub program membership is non-transferable and /or non-assignable. 

Conclusion: The SpiceJet SpiceClub Program is a fantastic opportunity for frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts to intensify their travel experiences. With a wide range of exclusive benefits, rewards, and enhanced services, being a member of the SpiceClub Program, you can have a journey filled with convenience and delight. You must not miss this opportunity to make the most of your travels with SpiceJet. So Join the SpiceClub Program today and embark on a rewarding travel experience!