Check-in is a process that allows the passengers to board the flight. In the check-in process, the airport authority checks whether the documents are correct or not and then gives the green signal so that you can enjoy your journey without any difficulty. In this post, we have mentioned the information related to Spirit online check-in, early check-in time, charges to print a boarding pass, and much more. If you are one of these passengers then here is what yo need to understand.  

How can I check-in online for Spirit Airlines?  

Online check-in is an alternative and best method to complete the check-in. The steps for spirit airlines check in online are given below: 

  • Reach out to the site of Spirit Airlines
  • Next, click on the check-in section in the top bar.
  • On the next page, fill out the confirmation code and Passenger Last Name etc.
  • Now you can choose a seat as per your choice, if available.
  • Now you are able to download a boarding pass. 
  • Soon, you will be able to complete the check-in process. 
  • The airlines will share the check-in notification via email. 

When can I check-in for Spirit Airlines?

Check-in is a process that is mandatory for the completion of the security process. Here, you need to show your flight ticket number, passport, visa, and other documents which the government accepts. The Spirit airlines check in timings open 1 day prior to your scheduled departure and close 60 minutes before the destined take-off. It is advised to the passengers to go to the airport on time so that you can avoid the long lines for the check-in. 

How early should I get to the airport Spirit? 

Spirit Airlines allows the passengers to proceed with the check-in process a few hours before their flight. The check-in time for international flights is 3 hours early to the scheduled takeoff, and in the case of within the nation then, you need to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure. Consider these points if you want to catch your Spirit flight on time. 

How long before a Spirit flight do you check in?  

Spirit offers its services domestically as well as internationally. For an international flight, you must reach the airport at least 3 hours before your prior scheduled flight. And if you are flying domestically, then you need to reach the airport 2 hours before the takeoff. Use this information so that you do not miss your Spirit Airlines flight. 

Is it better to check in online or at the airport Spirit? 

Both ways, passengers get their check-in done. However, most passengers find the online methods convenient because they can do the check-in process while resting at home. Whereas doing the check-in at the airport askes for the time and patience. Online check-in is beneficial for passengers who are flying with children and senior citizens. You can choose any one of the methods to proceed with Spirit Airlines. 

Does Spirit require printed boarding pass? 

A passenger can use a boarding pass on their mobile or a printed boarding pass; the airport security in charge of Spirit Airlines easily accepts both. The electronic Spirit Airlines boarding pass has been an initiative made by the airlines to save nature by going paperless. In addition, If you are at the check-in line, you can just show your spirit airlines boarding pass, either available in digital form or hardcopy; both will be valued the same by the Spirit authority. 

How much does Spirit charge to print boarding pass? 

There are three ways that are acceptable by Spirit for the check-in process: paper-printed boarding pass, e-boarding pass, and boarding pass printed using the kiosk machine. Printing from the kiosk machines available at the airport will cost you approx 25$; however, other methods will not cost you a single penny. 

How do I check in my bag with Spirit Airlines? 

When you visit the check-in counter, you need to drop your luggage; the staff will fix a bar code on your bag after weighing the bag. If it meets the parameters of the baggage policy of the airline, then your bag will be sent to the conveyer for further processing. 

How much does Spirit charge for a checked bag? 

There is a certain limitation for the luggage carried by the passengers in Spirit. If your luggage exceeds the desired limitation, then you need to pay the following charges: 

  • The amount of + $79 per bag will be collected for exceeding weight of 41-50 lbs (18-23 Kg). 
  • Pay + $ 125 per bag if your luggage weight is 51-100 lbs (23-45 Kg). 
  • For luggage weighing 63-80 linear inches (156-203), passenger needs to pay +$ 150. 


Spirit Airlines is one of the prominent airlines that is majorly famous among passengers for its affordable range of flight tickets. After booking the flight, you must keep the information at your fingertips regarding the check-in process. We hope that this post was helpful for you in resolving your check-in-related queries.