Does Spirit Airlines have group travel?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers group travel booking facilities to passengers. There are a number of travelers who wish to complete their trip via Spirit Airlines but are always preoccupied with confusion regarding group travel. They will be delighted to know that they can reach their travel destinations in a group, saving on travel expenses. There can be multiple inquiries regarding Spirit Airlines group reservations, If you have made up decision to travel via Spirit either with your family members, friends, or other business colleagues, then you can refer to the important information stacked up below to curate all the relevant group travel details. 

How do I book multiple seats on Spirit Airlines?

Now that you are already aware that Spirit group travel is possible, the next question must be regarding the process. If you are keen on traveling as a group, then you can refer to the online procedure that is given below and confirm your tickets:

  • Start the process by visiting the official Spirit Airlines website.
  • Click on the "Group travel " option available at the bottom menu of the home page.
  • To submit group reservation requests, customers must tap on "click on chat now."
  • You can mention your group details and click on the send key.
  • Once your request is accepted, you need to provide all the details regarding travelers.
  • Complete the process by making a payment. 

How many boarding groups does Spirit have?

Spirit has different boarding groups according to different factors. There are many travelers who are confused regarding Spirit Airlines boarding groups; they must note that Spirit often provides priority boarding to travelers traveling in higher travel classes. Also, group travelers are considered as different oarding groups. 

Is it cheaper to book flights as a group on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines group booking is always an economical option as compared to individual bookings. Apart from cost, there are several other benefits that can be enjoyed by all the passengers traveling via Spirit groups. They can make use of the Group program to raise a quote and reach their travel destinations comfortably with their known travelers. 

What are the benefits of group travel with Spirit Airlines?

There are various benefits linked with Spirit Airlines group travel. However, not all customers are aware of the perks, and they look for relevant information. These customers will be blessed with the following Spirit group booking benefits:

  1. They can make bookings at budgeted rates, as group bookings are far more cost-effective compared to individual reservations.
  2. Travelers can expect confirmed seats or more than 10 passengers or more without paying full payment.
  3. Group travelers need not carry their individual tickets and hence complete ticketless journeys.
  4. Spirit Airlines offers a dedicated specialist to assist group travelers. 
  5. Travelers are eligible to make name changes free of cost up to one month from the flight departure date. 

How many people do you need to get a group discount on flights?

Spirit Airlines holds your group eligible if it consists of 10 passengers or more. It must be noted that your group will not qualify if it consists of less than 10 travelers. If that is the case, then travelers have to make individual bookings of every individual. 

Can you get a discount for flying in a group at Spirit?

It must be noted by travelers who wish to travel in the group via Spirit that group travel does not guarantee discounted fares however, all travelers are guaranteed one price. There are chances that group travelers get the best deals if they make flight reservations early. Travelers booking Spirit Airlines group tickets are, however, entitled to several other difference-making perks and advantages. 

How far in advance should I book a group flight with Spirit Airlines? 

It is important that travelers make group reservations as early as possible to get it confirmed. Generally, Spirit Airlines allows travelers to make group reservations at least 3-4 months ahead of flight departure. To make the best of the Spirit Group travel discount, early booking is crucial.  As travelers make travel plans, they must not delay to fill the group reservation request form. Once the form reaches Spirit Airlines, it will hardly take 3 business days to send a quote. 

Things to know while making Spirit Airlines group bookings: 

  1. Group travelers need to pay nonrefundable fees of $5 per traveler to get flight confirmation.
  2. Travelers have the flexibility to make final payments 60 days before flight departure.
  3. If any traveler is taking his infant on his lap, then he is not a part of the Spirit group.
  4. It must be carefully noted that Spirit does not accept multiple modes of transactions for group bookings. Therefore can make group payments either by cheque or credit card.
  5. If time remains in flight departure is less than 30 days, then travelers can make name changes by paying an additional payment of $50 per traveler.
  6. Individual cancellation is not permitted to group travelers. They need to cancel their entire bookings.