Talk to a Delta representative at the airport by calling the agent

If you lost an item at the airport and now would like to talk to the representative, there are several contact options available. Also, you can always call the Delta customer care number for a quick response. To contact Delta by phone, follow these:

Call the Delta 24/7 customer service number 404-209-3434 and wait for it to connect. 

You can choose a specific language you understand and follow the IVR: 

  1. Press 1 to purchase a ticket 
  2. Press 2 to change the existing booking 
  3. Press 3 for baggage allowance 
  4. Press 4 for seat selection 
  5. Press 5 for more 
  6. Press 9 to talk to a Delta representative at the airport

Choose one option based on the query you have and continue. The call will connect with the Delta representative soon; stay on the phone. Once the Delta agent is available, take your time and discuss the issues.

Email support: You can also email Delta when needed to share feedback, experience, complaints, suggestions, etc. All you need to do is compose your email and send it to the Delta official website. The airline team will review your message and respond in a few minutes. 

Social Media: You can also follow Delta on various social media pages to access quick support. Use the link below to share a message with the Delta team directly. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delta
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Delta

Is there a way to chat with Delta?

Yes! You can also chat with Delta customer service 24/7 for your booking issues, refund, baggage, etc., by visiting delta.com via Apple or Android services. To chat with Delta, follow the steps: 

  • Head to the Delta Airlines official web portal. 
  • Scroll down, and at the bottom, you can look for the "Message Us' button
  • A chat icon will pop up, inviting you to chat. 
  • You can type the message in the box or select one option from the list on the screen. 
  • Follow the automated instructions to solve the issues at your end. 
  • You can follow the prompts and answer a few questions to connect with a Delta agent via chat.

So this is how you can communicate with the airline using the Delta customer service chat option on the page anytime. For more details or if you have any issues, you can also log in to your Delta account to access personalized support. One can also visit the Delta official website and then the support page to explore various self-help links and information.