How can I bring my pet on a plane?

Most airlines allow passengers to travel with pets on a plane; however, they impose specific terms or rules and a particular method through which you become eligible to carry a pet on board. You can look at the points for further details;

  • You have to inform the airline or the concerned authority about your pet so they can provide information related to some form, information, etc.
  • Most airlines authorize passengers to take their pets in the Cabin or as a piece of checked baggage, while some offer both. (This varies from airline to airline). 
  • There is also a set of rules associated with size, kennel, etc., which you must be aware of so you can carry. 

What are the rules for flying with pets?

Although there are different rules for flying with pets on the airline, it varies from airline to airline. So, if you want to understand some of the important terms or regulations associated with pets on a flight, you have to take a thorough look at the points discussed below:

Age— Some airlines specifically mention the eligible age to fly, which is 8 months. If it is below, you may not be able to fly. 

Dogs and Cats— Most airlines prefer dogs and cats to carry, which is also restricted to certain breeds. And this varies from airline to airline, and you are suggested to read the pet policy of your concerned airline. 

Kennel— The kennel must be restricted to size as determined by the airline; for example, some airlines have 19in x 13in x 9in while it varies. This average size allows the pet to walk, sit, and rotate. 

One pet carrier— You may not be given an allowance to carry 2 pets in one carrier; however, if the breed is the same, permission can be given. 

Medical certificate— You require a medical certificate to showcase the medical reports to the authorities so they can allow you to carry them. 

Weight— Different airlines have set different weight limits for pets. And based on that, they qualify for either carry-on or checked baggage. 

Inform Earlier— You have to provide all the information before boarding the plane at the airport. This will let you complete the process and get aboard on time. 

Restricted countries— There are some countries that do not allow cats, dogs, etc.; hence, you are advised to go through the terms and conditions of the Pet Policy of your preferred airline either on the website or by directly contacting the customer service team.  

How much does it cost to take a pet on a plane?

There are many travelers who have pets, and they go through complexity when they have to leave their region either permanently or temporarily. And in this case, pets cannot be left behind. Hence, most airlines authorize their pets to travel, but some charges exist. And you can learn about them in the following points; please have a look:

  • Generally, the cost to take a pet on a plane begins from $100 and can go up to $300. 
  • The charges also depend upon the type of pet, the nature of its flight, destination, and many other factors.

What is the weight limit for a pet on a plane?

There are cases when the authority disapproves or charges higher for exceeding the weight limits for a pet on a plane. To know about the pet weight limit to fly, you are requested to take a careful look at the information provided below:

  • Generally, the airline qualifies a pet to travel in a cabin if its weight is restricted to 5 KG, including the weight of the container. 
  • A pet's weight of 32 KG qualifies as checked baggage. (Including the container/kennel, etc.) 
  • If a pet's weight is above 32 KG, including the container, the pet will be booked as cargo. 

NOTE: It is suggested that one thoroughly examine the pet policy of the concerned airline because the given limitations can vary from airline to airline. 

What airlines allow pets in cabins?

If you are planning a trip to any other country from the US and looking forward to knowing which airline permits pets in cabins, you are advised to take a glance at the list given below; please have a look:

  1. Alaska Airlines
  2. American Airlines
  3. Southwest Airlines
  4. United Airlines
  5. Delta Airlines
  6. Hawaiian Airlines 
  7. JetBlue Airlines

Can my pet sit with me on a plane?

Most airlines do not allow pets to sit with you on a plane. Instead, they are permitted to travel in a kennel or a carrier, and your pet must be leashed. For further information, you can contact the airline’s assistance team. 

How do I add a pet to my flight?

If you want to bring a pet on a plane, you must understand how to add one. And to learn it, take a look at the modes; 

Dial a phone number— The primary thing you can adopt is to dial a contact number of your airline, where you will be assigned to an agent to whom you have to inform about your pet, and the executive will proceed with the request. Certain IVRs will also be spoken; choose one for a live person. 

Must carry a medical certificate— You have to provide a medical certificate to the executive so they can pursue the request. 

Visit earlier— You have to visit the airport 4 hours before the travel time so the agent can complete the process. 

Can you add a pet to a flight after booking?

The number of pets that can fly is, by and large, dependent on the factor of availability of space in a flight. Hence, you are recommended to make a pet reservation as soon as possible after your reservation. This will enable you to avoid any hassle, or you may get disapproval for adding a pet.