What does it mean to travel with Air France in a group? 

Are you planning for a business or family trip? In any of these conditions, you are traveling with more than 10 people. If you have a large group, you can apply for Air France group travel, where you can make a reservation for all the members of the group in one place. For this, you will have to fill out the Group Travel form. Be with this article and get complete information about Air France Group Booking. 

Air France group booking terms and conditions

For a group of people to travel together with Air France, it is required to satisfy some terms and conditions by the group. If a group fails to meet the requirements, then the airline will deny them group travel, and they will have to make individual bookings. To know the Air France Group travel terms and conditions, read the points below: 

  • The first condition of Air France is that the group must have ten or more people to be eligible for the booking. 
  • If you are bringing a child below the age of 2 years, the airline will not include them in the total members of the group. 
  • The members of the group can be added at any time after the booking. 
  • Adults can travel with a maximum of 12 minors in total. 
  • All the members of the group must be traveling to the same destination. 
  • The cabin of all the group members has to be the same. 

How to book your group travel with Air France? 

Booking flight for a group of people is not the same as booking for an individual. Thus, you might be looking to know the procedure of group travel. To know the process, read the points below: 

  1. Go to the official page of Air France
  2. Click on the information tab and choose the passengers option.
  3. Now you can choose the group travel option.
  4. Get an online form by clicking on Request a Quote. Fill out the form with the details of your group and group leader. 
  5. Mention the details of where you want to fly and other requirements of your booking. 
  6. Now, tell the airline about the members of your group separately and attach one ID of each member. 
  7. Finally, make the payment, and Air France will send the details of your booking to your email ID. 

What are the benefits of traveling in a group with Air France? 

Here is a list of Air France group booking benefits that you can enjoy by selecting this airline for your travel: 

  1. Air France gives more time to the passengers to think before finalizing their booking with them. 
  2. You get greater flexibility in the payment option and canceling your flight. 
  3. The passengers can add more people to the group later after the booking. 
  4. The airline does not charge you any extra amount for selecting a standard seat for your trip.
  5. The group leader can change the names on the ticket before the departure of the flight, and there is no extra charge for this.
  6. You can earn Blue Miles or Blue credit by making a group reservation with Air France. 

Are Air France flights cheaper if you book as a group?

No, Air France has not mentioned anywhere that the passengers traveling in a group will get an extra discount or any special offer. The price of the ticket will not be affected by the number of tickets they bought. However, you may get the benefit of competitive fare and get a ticket at a cheaper rate. 

How many people do you need to get a group discount on Air France? 

According to the policy of Air France, people who are traveling in a group must be at least 10. if their group does not have ten members, they will not be eligible for a group booking. In such a case, the passengers will make a booking individually.

Can you get flight discounts on Air France for large groups? 

The fare conditions depend on several factors, such as the number of people traveling in a group, destination, or booking date. However, this can affect the price, but cannot get you an Air France group booking discounts. No matter what the size of your group, it will hardly leave any affect on the price you have to pay for the ticket. The ratio of the ticket fare will be the same in all conditions and sizes of the group. 

Final Words

This article discusses various aspects of group booking at Air France, which covers policies, prices, and procedures.