Does Qatar Airways have group bookings?

When you are traveling in a big number and have a lot of people to add to the reservations, then the Airline offers group traveling that will be advantageous and make the journey comfortable. There is no doubt that the Qatar Airways group booking service will be the best and most affordable when you are traveling with more than ten people. We are going to discuss everything that will enlighten you about group travel with Qatar Airways and how it is beneficial compared to other flights.

Types of group bookings with Qatar Airways: Group travel can be requested for MICE, leisure, labor, students, religious, seaman, tour operator, cruise, sports, etc. All the groups that are available have been mentioned below:

  • Economy class cabin groups should have at least 10 groups while traveling. 
  • Business or First Class cabins can have 6 groups per departure.
  • Without a cabin, 10 groups are eligible to travel when some are traveling on business and some on the economy. 

Group travel benefits of Qatar Airways

Multiple benefits can be offered when you have made group reservations. We have listed the qatar airways group booking benefits below that will make the group travel more convincing: 

  1. There will be some special fares and deals available on group travel.
  2. The extra baggage allowance can be purchased that is is subject to applicable rates.
  3. You can access seat selection free of charge when you have made the group travel. 
  4. The deposit can be saved, and you can pay later, at least 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  5. You will be offered priority check-in and boarding with a separate queue during the journey. 
  6. You can reserve seats without even having the names of the travelers.
  7. A separate cabin will be given when you have made a group reservation with Qatar Airways. 
  8. Some additional services are available free of cost with Qatar Airways. 
  9. An assistant will be provided with group travel that will guide you throughout the journey. 
  10. The seat selection will be given free of cost and can only happen at the Airport.

What is the group travel policy of Qatar Airways?

There are some terms and conditions of Qatar Airways Group traveling that have been included in the policy. We have mentioned these guidelines below so you will be well informed about the policy, Qatar Airways requirements for group travel and be able to have a trouble-free journey:

  • If you cancel the group reservation, the deposit will be refunded with a penalty.
  • The earlier you cancel, the lesser the penalty would be. 
  • You will be able to have a one-ticket or no-ticket travel with group reservations. 
  • For the booking of a big group of 20 people you need to fill in the form and the Airline will send a quote.
  • All people of different ages can be added to the group travel, excluding the infants. 
  • The quote for the group booking will be sent within 3 business days.
  • You can make a request for the excess baggage allowance with group booking.
  • A request for a special seat assignment can be made with Qatar Airways.
  • The check-in is not applicable online with group travel, so you need to get to the Airport early.
  • Any modifications or seat selection cannot take place online with group reservations and need to get to the helpdesk of the Airport.

How to request for a group booking with Qatar Airways?

Before you start traveling with Qatar Airways, it is mandatory to know what procedures you can use to make group booking request, there are definitely a lot of ways that can help you. We have mentioned all these processes below so you can pick the one you prefer: 

Online: The online way of reserving flights will not ask you to talk to someone on the phone. You have to get through a simple procedure to book the flight tickets. Later, the reservation is done, the Airline will let you access and handle the flight with Manage Booking:

  1. Visit the official website of Qatar Airways.
  2. Click on Book a Flight and start adding the details.
  3. You need to select the departure and arrival locations with class, date, and time.
  4. Then click on Add, pick the details, and add all other bookings this way.
  5. Complete the process, and the ticket for group reservation can be downloaded from the website. 

On the phone: Booking of the group flight ticket can be made on the phone as well. It will be the quickest and most convenient way to grab the deal. The method wil immediately connect you to the customer executives, and they will be there to help. Dial 1-786-232-0461, the Qatar phone number, and provide the flight details with all the passenger's names so the representatives can reserve the journey for you.  

Is it cheaper to book Qatar flights as a group?

It is always cheaper to make group reservations with Qatar Airways as the single bookings are expensive. You will be able to enjoy various benefits and advantages with Group reservations. You will have the best journey experience away from all the troubles and inconveniences with Qatar Airways. 

How do I contact Qatar Airways Group?

During the group bookings with the Airline, you might require a lot of help and information that will enlighten you about how group travel works with the Airline. Apart from this, you can share queries or issues you are having related to the same, and the executives will surely entertain you with the best solutions. You can dial 1-786-232-0461, the customer service phone number, or send an email to usagroups@us.qatarairways.com. The instant responses will be received on the phone, but by email, the Airline can take 2 to 3 business days to revert to your email with all the valuable solutions. 

How many people do you need to get a group discount on Qatar flights?

To make the Qatar Airways group travel eligible, you should have at least ten or more people to book. A group of 6 people is allowed if you are traveling in a First or Business class cabin. If any of the passengers from the group travel has some health issues, or included pregnany women, or senior citizens, then you need to inform the Airline prior to the reservation. Because of the variety of people traveling, the seat selection cannot be made online.