How can I get a hold of United Airlines customer service?

If you need assistance with the reservation or have any general query, you can get a hold of United Airlines by calling at number 1-800-864-8331. It is the simplest and most convenient option if you want to speak to a United agent. Check the details here:

>> To get a hold of United Airlines customer service, dial 1-800-864-8331 (toll-free). Choose a desired phone language, follow the interactive voice response system 

  • Press 1 for reservation
  • Press 2 for fight change
  • Press 3 for refund issues 
  • Press 4 for seat selection
  • Press 5 other queries 

>> Choose any of these options as per your concern, and press the number. A live agent at United will join the phone call in a few minutes, discuss your problems, and get solutions. 

How long are the hold times for United Airlines?

When you call the United Airlines, they generally respond in 3-5 minutes. However, call hold time varies based on various external factors. If you call United during peak hours such as weekends, during flight disruption, etc., then the hold time might extend to 30-40 minutes. It can extend to hours when the traffic is extremely high. In that case, it is advised that you wait and call the airline later, or you can also use other contact channels. 

Why are United Airlines hold times so long?

As mentioned above, United call hold time varies based on various factors. If it is longer than expected, it can happen for many reasons.  

Peak Hours: If you call United during peak hours, especially on weekends or during flight cancellations or delays, the traffic is very high. Many people try to connect to the airline then, which results in longer waiting hours. 

Limited staff: Sometimes, when the staff is limited and the number of calls is very high, the hold times get longer. It is advised if your departure date is after a few days, you should opt for other contact channels to connect with the airline. 

Calling during odd hours: United Airlines provides 24 hours of support, though a few departments have limited working hours. If you call the airline out of business hours, no one is available to pick up your phone, and it seems as if it is on hold. 

How do you skip being on hold?

If your call is on hold for long, here are certain options you can try to skip being on United Airlines hold phone number: 

Opt for a callback option: You can choose the option to get a callback. In that case, you don't need to be on hold, but United Airlines representatives, once available, will call you back. 

Use the live chat: Live chat is one of the best alternatives for those who seek assistance from a live agent. You can chat with United Airlines agents online and get solutions to different queries. 

Connect via Social Media: You can share a direct message with the airline on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can tweet to the airline and tag senior authorities for a quick response. 

Choose a different language: In case you know another language, call the airline again and opt for a different language this time. 

The information above will help you understand how to get a hold of United Airlines, why it takes longer to connect with the airline, and how you can skip being on hold. If you need more information about the query or have any questions, you can also explore the official United Airlines website. Members can access their MileagePlus account and to get personalized support.