Vistara Infant travel policy

Vistara is an Indian air carrier that also offers Premium Economy class seats even for domestic flights. Sometimes, it appears so difficult to carry infants while using plane services. Any travelers who wish to take infants should have correct knowledge about its rules and regulations. For passengers, the Vistara Infant Policy is also very important to avoid any inconvenience during air travel. Some illustrative steps define the infant policy in detail.

  1. Travelers who carry infants during the trips should ensure that their age should be less than 2 years from the actual departure date.
  2. Infants boarding passes are mandatory in case they are traveling with Vistara plane.
  3. Infants baggage allowance will be rejected if passengers are not flying with them on the available tickets as per the policy.
  4. No specific single baggage allowance should exceed the permitted weight of 32 kg, even after including infant baggage. However, a separate 7 kg baggage weight allowance is allowed to travelers for their infants while using the Vistara flights.
  5. Infant items can be carried either in the form of Check-in baggage or hand baggage.
  6. Additionally, infants baggage allowance will be applicable for particular trips on which their tickets are already booked. So, travelers who use multi-sector trips cannot avail of the infant baggage for all as per the rules.

All the infant policies are crucial, and they will help passengers in deciding what things they must care for while using plane services with small babies. 

Who is an infant passenger as per Vistara policy?

One of the common questions that usually come into travelers' minds while traveling with infants on a Vistara plane. According to the reputed Airlines, only those babies whose age limit is under 2 years will be considered as infants. It is advised to travelers that before traveling with Vistara flights, they should ensure their babies come under the infant categories.

How can I book a seat for my infant Vistara?

Flight booking can be stressful, especially when passengers have insufficient knowledge about it. Travelers can have a comfortable journey if they book the Vistara Infant Ticket wisely using the online method. The following steps can be used to reserve flight tickets for infants while using the Airways plane services.

  • Travelers should reach the Vistara Airlines official page https://www.airvistara.com/gb/en.
  • While booking the air tickets for infants, they can choose trip type and class.
  • They can now fill in the details, like origin, destination, and correct travel date, as per the plan.
  • Under the passenger column, they can add the infants' options whose age is below 2 years.
  • When all the details are filled they can go for final payments to book infants tickets.
  • After the successful payment, they will be notified of their infants' tickets on the Email.

How much does it cost to take an infant on Vistara?

The average cost for Vistara Infant ticket Fare may vary from INR 1300 to INR 3800 per infant on single trips. The mentioned amounts for infants will apply to all classes, such as Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class.

Is a baby stroller allowed in Vistara?

Yes, passengers can carry collapsible pushchairs/strollers for their infants, and they should check while using the Airways services. They can also have some other possible items for their infants, such as Carrycots and some possible feeding aids during the flight journey. Small napkins, or even baby towels for instants, can be adjusted in a bag or check-in.

How much baggage is allowed for infant international?

Passengers who want to use Vistara international flights must be aware of baggage allowance for infants to avoid any inconvenience. As per the Airline's policy, Infant Baggage Allowance Vistara is permitted an additional 10 kg weight on all international routes. Also, infants' allowable weight for international flights should not hamper the baggage allowance limit in any way. Also, passengers can check their infants' baggage limit while using the Vistara flight, and thus, they can have a seamless flight experience with their small babies.

Can I add an infant after booking on Vistara?

Yes, passengers can add the infant requirement even after reservation. They can all Vistara executives on the customer care number, which is 092892 28888, and ask them to assist regarding infant booking. Vistara representatives will help passengers and also book the infants' tickets accordingly only after applicable charges, which they must pay before departure.

What is the child policy for Vistara?

Vistara Airways has some specific terms and conditions when it comes to small children. Travelers can make themselves aware of the Vistara Child Policy very easily when they go through it in detail. However, some of the rules for small children are defined in the following steps.

  1. According to Vistara Airlines, passengers under the age group 2 to 12 years are considered as Children.
  2. Small children, especially between 2 to 5 years of age, should always accompany mature travelers during the trips to overcome any hesitations.
  3. Children who are more than 5 but less than 12 years old can be unaccompanied as minors during the flight.
  4. Passengers should be careful that their children have correct identification and Photo while using the airline services as unaccompanied Minors.
  5. Also, Children who come in the age group 12 to 18 years will be regarded as young passengers as per Vistara Airlines.
  6. For unaccompanied minors, a chap of INR 2500 will be applicable when they use Vistara flight tickets.
  7. Children cannot choose a seat near the emergency gate in any manner for security reasons.  

What is the proof of child ID in Vistara?

Travelers who fall under the category of Children should carry some valid Photo and Identification card. This Identity proof can be anything from the available lists when children plan to use Vistara flight.

Carry government ID proof for validation.
Valid Birth Certificate
Marksheets as documents

These ID proofs are essential for children when they go for Check-in at the Airport.