What does the Vistara group mean?

When a number of people plan to reserve their flight ticket altogether with Vistara, it is known as group travel. So you can make the Vistara group booking that makes the reservation process simple and easy and takes a single payment for the whole group. It also has its own benefits like good discounts, extra baggage, and other additional services. 

How does Vistara Group booking work?

The flyers need to contact the Vistara travel group for the reservation they want, and the available agent will make the arrangements as per your requirement. So, you need to make your request for the group booking, and an agent will send you a quote for the same that you can accept to get the group booking on a Vistara flight.

How do I make a group booking with Vistara?

If you wonder about the process of making the group booking on Vistara, there are two mediums where you can request a quote and then complete your bookings. The mediums, along with the procedure, are mentioned beneath:

Through the website

You can make the request for your Vistara group booking from the website itself; the required process is as follows:

  • Head to the Vistara website on your device,
  • Open the "Plan Travel" tab,
  • There, click on the "Group Booking" option,
  • The group booking page of Vistara will load on your screen,
  • Now log in by entering your email id and password,
  • You will be led to the registration page,
  • Mention your requirements and the passenger's info in the provided columns,
  • Review the details you have mentioned in the form,
  • Now send the request to Vistara and wait for the quotation,
  • After receiving the quotation, you can go through the mentioned details and the cost of the group booking,
  • It fits your requirements and budget, proceed to complete the booking,
  • You will receive instructions on your screen that will help to complete the procedure,
  • At last, you can choose how you like to make the payment,
  • And with successful payment, your Vistara flight booking will be completed. 

How do I contact Vistara group booking?

You can also contact an agent at the Vistara Travel group with your requirements by phone call, and the agent will submit the group travel request. You need to call on the number 092892 28888 or submit your group travel booking requirements at group.booking@airvistara.com. The agent will share the quotation in your email so that you can review it. To accept the quotation you have to again contact the agent and complete the booking procedure by making payment for the same. And your Vistara group flight tickets will be received in the email. 

What are the benefits of Vistara Group booking?

  • You can receive huge discounts on the general fares of the flights on a group booking at Vistara. 
  • All the members are booked on a single PNR and the same fare. 
  • Members can be added to the group booking later till seven days before departure. 
  • The group booking payment can be made in installments. 
  • Excess baggage can be requested for group travel.
  • Premium access to the security check-in for all the group members. 

How do I get a boarding pass for a group booking with Vistara?

The boarding pass will be obtained at the airport itself after going through the security and baggage checkpoints. The head of the group will have to go through with the check-in with all the members' information, and then group boarding on Vistara will be accessed. 

How to web check-in Vistara for a group booking?

You should know that Vistara web check-in for a group booking is not available, and you must check-in for your flight at the airport counter itself. However, you will receive priority check-in at the airport for your group booking and can easily get your boarding pass. 

How do I add a family member to Vistara?

You can take help of these given steps to add a member to your exciting booking:

  1. Log your account on the Vistara official site,
  2. Shift to the "Manage My Booking" tab on the homepage,
  3. Now your itinerary will be loaded on the tab,
  4. Click on the "Add Friends and Family" option,
  5. Then you can mention the details of your family member to add to your booking,
  6. Make the payment for the additional member,
  7. And with this, the member will be added to your Vistara booking.  

How much baggage is allowed in Vistara for a group booking?

Each member is allowed to carry one piece of extra baggage over the assigned baggage allowance of their fare up to a maximum weight of 15 kg. 

Is it cheaper to book a group flight with Vistara?

Yes, it is cheaper to book a group flight rather than to book tickets individually at Vistara Airlines. It provides discounts and additional benefits for travel that you can enjoy at a low price. 

What is the baggage allowance for Vistara group booking?

If you want to know about the Vistara group booking baggage allowance, you have to consider your fare type allowance and can determine the allotted baggage you can carry on the flight.