Select seats on WestJet, Seat Selection Policy, and Fee

If your preference is to get a seat on the WestJet flight of your choice, you should select a seat in advance while booking your flight or even after that. Here is the procedure for WestJet seat selection with both of the options:

Select Seat at the time of reservation

The procedure you have to pursue for getting a seat of your choice on the flight you reserve with WestJet is as follows:

  • First, go to the WestJet Airlines webpage,
  • There, you can look for the flight you want,
  • On the result page, opt for the flight you find suitable to make the booking,
  • As you reach the additional service page after adding your passenger detail, you can find the "Advance Seat Selection" key to choose from,
  • Now, a flight map will appear on the page where you can pick your seat,
  • Next, pay the total fare for the flight reservation at WestJet.

Select Seat after reservation

The travelers are permitted to select a seat on WestJet after completing their reservation, and for that, the following process should be followed:

  1. Open the homepage of WestJet Airlines,
  2. Choose "Manage Flights" from the Manage Trips panel,
  3. Enter your reservation code and last name to avail your itinerary details on the website,
  4. Next, you should locate the "Advance Seat Selection" option on the page,
  5. As you pick a seat to get assigned from the seat map, you will be forwarded to the payment page,
  6. After paying the applicable fees at WestJet, the selected seat will be assigned to you. 

Westjet seat selection policy

  • Seat selection will only be available till the check-in at WestJet is completed. 
  • A fee will be applied to choose a seat in advance on the WestJet flight, depending on the ticket's fare condition. 
  • The seat selection on WestJet only depends on the availability of seats. 
  • A person who booked a ticket with a third-party agent cannot request the preferred seat on the flight directly with WestJet Airlines. 

Do you have to pay for seat selection on WestJet?

The passengers who would like to get assigned the seats they prefer must have to pay for seat selection on WestJet. However, for a few fare classes, this option is free of cost. For the rest of the travelers, the WestJet seat selection fee is based on the destination you are flying to, the seat you pick, and the fare class as well. 

How do I get a better seat on WestJet?

If you are hoping to get a better seat on WestJet Airlines, it is necessary to opt for the "Advance Seat" selection option when making the reservation. However, the seat selection window opens till you check in for your flight. But as the boarding time comes closer, travelers mostly select the preferred seats, and you have very few options to make your choice. So, it is suitable to select the seat on your reserved flight as soon as possible. 

How do I get free seat selection on WestJet?

One can use the travel credit points and earned miles to select a seat free of cost. However, there are a few fare classes for which the Westjet seat selection free-of-cost option is available. The EconoFlex travelers can choose standard seats without any additional cost. The Premium and Business class flyers can take advantage of selecting preferred seats on their flight for free. 

A traveler can also get free seat selection on a WestJet flight while checking in for the flight at the airport. From the available seat options, you can pick the most suitable one to get assigned at the last moment without paying a fee. 

Will WestJet assign our seats together?

WestJet doesn't need to assign your seats together. This only depends on the availability of the assigned seats till you complete the check-in. They tried to assign seats for the family together or at least 1 traveler with a child based on the availability of the unassigned seats.  

What happens if I don't select a seat on WestJet?

The passengers who skip the advance seat selection option on their WestJet flight can get any random seat assigned at the time of check-in. So, if you do not want to end up in the aisle or middle seat, it's better you ask for the seat selection before completing your check-in from the airline. 

Can I use my WestJet Travel Bank to upgrade seats?

Yes, WestJet Travel Bank can easily be used to upgrade seats. You can apply for credit points for paying the upgrade fees at WestJet Airlines. For this, you must sign in with your WestJet rewards account, and when you reach the payment page to upgrade the seat, you can apply the available credit points to redeem. 

What is the difference between preferred seats and standard seats on WestJet?

The major difference between preferred seats and standard seats is the extra leg space that a traveler receives on the flight. Preferred seats are more spacious as compared to the standard seats and are located at the front of the plane, which also ensures priority exit from the plane. 

Is upgrading to premium on WestJet worth it?

If you would need extra space for your comfort on the WestJet Airlines flight then it is worth upgrading the seats to premium. The premium seats offer not only extra legroom and spacious recliners but also add additional amenities as well such as more food and drink options and priority in the boarding.