Does JetBlue charge to speak to customer service?

Many people prefer talking with airline executives whenever they decide to book a flight with JetBlue. This is a preference for many because it helps get the official details and suitable guidance from a live executive regarding any need. Jetblue Customer service is available to help the flyers with their travel requirements, whether to book a flight, modify a flight, obtain the fare policies, or receive general updates from the executive. You may think of the JetBlue charge to speak to customer service or not. The phone service charge only depends on the condition you are contacting. Below is a list of the reasons for which JetBlue does not charge for a call:

  • For general inquiries about the scheduled flights and the services of the airline,
  • To obtain detailed information on any requirement from the airline representative. 
  • I am notifying the officials for special assistance before the boarding time. 

What is JetBlue 25 dollar phone service fee?

The JetBlue phone service fee of $25 is applicable when someone asks for a flight reservation or some modification of their flight. This is the service charge imposed that a traveler has to pay to attain the service from a JetBlue representative. If you are contacting the airline to make a reservation with the help of a live agent on call, you must pay the additional $25, along with the fare of the ticket. 

However, when you contact JetBlue for a change on the reserved flight or to cancel, the call fee of $25 will be additional on the applicable flight change or cancellation charge. This phone service fee will not be refunded if you cancel a flight with JetBlue that was modified or booked on the call. The person who would like to avoid additional phone service fees, must use the official site for the travel arrangements.