Does United Airlines allow flight changes?

Yes, United Airlines allows flight changes as per the requirement. If your traveling plan has been postponed for the next date or you have any emergency, then you can change your United Flight Schedule as per your next traveling plan; there are different ways through which you can make the changes to your scheduled flight as you can make a call to the Airline customer support else you can also make changes online via the official website of the Airline, you can proceed with any of your preferred options.

Learn about the United Airlines flight change policy

Before heading to the United Airlines flight change procedure, you must be well informed about the airlines flight change policy to understand its rules and regulations more clearly; go through the points below.

  • United Airlines allows you to change your scheduled flight as many times as needed, but you must pay the fare each time.
  • You don't need to make your new flight booking immediately; if you are still unsure about your traveling plan, you can head with the flight credit option that can be used within a year of your ticket date.
  • If your new flight costs less than the earlier one, you will get a future flight credit for the difference.
  • And if you take an earlier flight on the same day, you will not be charged any standby fee.
  • When the flight has been changed within 24 hours of the reservation, there is no fee applicable, and when the changes are made after the prescribed time, you have to pay the penalty to the Airline.

How can I change my United flight?

Change United flight online [via the website]

You can change United Flight Online through the official website, where you need to fill in all the required details regarding your flight, and the Airline will make the requested change. To proceed with this self-service procedure, focus on the points below.

  1. Head to the official website of United Airlines.
  2. Mention your last name and the confirmation code on the manage booking page.
  3. There you will locate all your flight details, hit the flight change option.
  4. Then, make certain changes as per the necessity.
  5. Change the date and time.
  6. Change the destination.
  7. Add flight.
  8. Remove a flight segment.
  9. Shortly, you will get a confirmation email and the details of your changed flight. 

Call United to change your flight

The most convenient way to proceed with the flight change process is through a phone call, where you can talk to the United Airlines representative and ask the human to change your respective flight. The human will respond to you immediately and help you with your functioning. To know the further method, look at the below steps.

  • Proceed by calling the United Airlines customer service number - 1 (800) 864-8331
  • Pick the language for assistance and the flight change option from the IVR.
  • Give the agent your flight details and provide a valid reason for cancellation.
  • Then give your next flight date and time, and pay the charges accordingly.
  • You will get a message from the Airline regarding your changed flight.

How much is the fee to change a flight on United Airlines?

If you have changed your scheduled flight with the Airline, you have to pay the United Airlines change flight fee that depends upon the destination and the flight type, as usually, it is between USD 75 - and USD 100. 

Does United allow free flight changes?

Yes, United Airlines allows free flight change, but for that, there are certain terms and conditions. To change United Flight for free, you must ensure that you make the change in your flight within 24 hours of your booking so you do not have to pay the flight change fee to the Airline.