Complete Information on Air India Baggage & Policy

Air India has ensured that the customers get all the facilities. Their Policy is very clear about the weight and the dimension of the baggage. You need to know the Policy before you start packing your luggage. In this manner, you’ll easily avoid any extra charges related to your luggage. So, if you want to carry your luggage free of cost, then ensure that you stick to the measurement and weight limits mentioned in Air India's baggage policy. 

You can go through the Air India baggage policy below. In the Policy, you can separately read about the weight limits, measurement limits, and the number of baggage allowed. You can go through the conditions which are mentioned in the Policy. Once you have done that, you’re ready to carry your luggage free of cost. 

Dimension limits 

  • In the booking of first class and business class, the total length, breadth, and height of your baggage must be less than 62 inches or 158 centimeters. 
  • For a single piece of baggage, the maximum weight should be less than 32 kgs or 70 pounds in First class or business class reservation. 
  • For the economy class, the final sum of the dimension should not be more than 107 inches. Even the luggage's linear size must be less than 62 inches.
  • In economy class booking, you must ensure that your baggage is at most 23 kgs or 50 pounds. 

Number of baggage limits 

  1. Those who are members of the Maharajah club (Star Gold) will benefit from one additional baggage. That should be at most 20kgs. 
  2. If you’re a member of the Golden Edge club, then you’ll have the benefit of carrying one piece as per the cabin class.
  3. Members of the Silver edge clubs will also benefit from one additional piece per cabin. However, the weight of the baggage can be at most 10Kgs.

What is a 2pc baggage allowance in Air India?

The economy class members will be able to carry two pieces of air India baggage. At the same time, ensure that you do not exceed the dimensional and weight limits of the luggage. The total sum of the dimensions should not be more than 273 cm or 107 inches. The weight limit of each baggage is 23kgs or 50 pounds. 

Once you’ve followed the above instructions, you will not face any issues in carrying your luggage for free. 

Can I take two checked bags on Air India?

Yes, you’re allowed to take the two checked bags on the flight of Air India. You only need to ensure that your baggage is within the policy limits. You’ll be getting this facility in the first class and the business class booking. But also in the economy class. 

How many bags are allowed on Air India?

Free of cost, you’re allowed to take two bags. You can even connect with the customer service team of Air India to get the complete information. That will ensure you get the right help without any delay. The representative will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the baggage policy. 

How many kg can we carry in Air India?

In Air India, if you want to carry your luggage, staying within the weight limit is undoubtedly the right thing to do. Because in that manner, you’ll be able to take your luggage utterly free of cost. As per the regulation, you can carry 25 kg per person per flight. You must ensure that you stay within this limit, or will be charged extra.

How can I add 10 kg extra to Air India?

If you want extra luggage, then you can do that. For that, it is necessary to pay the additional charges. The different appointments are going to be calculated with Rs600 per kg cost. So, for example, if you’re carrying 5kg extra luggage, you need to pay Rs3000 extra. These charges are indeed very reasonable if compared to the other airline.  

Can I take two cabin bags from Air India?

Only one piece of the handbag is allowed in the cabin. Make it certain that you have not taken more than one piece of baggage in the house, or else the second baggage will not be covered under the Air India baggage allowance, and you will need to pay extra. 

How many bags are allowed on international flights Air India?

For air India baggage allowance international for the economy, you’re not allowed to take more than two bags. However, if you have made the booking in the first class and the business class. Then you are allowed to carry three pieces with you. The weight of each piece should not be more than 32kg/70 lbs. In the economy class, it should not be more than 23kgs/ 50lbs. 

How much luggage is allowed on Air India flights for students?

Students will get the benefit of one extra baggage under the Air India baggage allowance for students. And that baggage should not be more than 23 kg. However, you need to ensure that while making the booking, you have made the selection of the “Student discount.” For that, you also need to carry a student ID card. That is going to work as proof for verification purposes.

How early can I check bags for Air India?

If you’re planning to make the check-in online, you can check in twenty-four hours before the departure time of the flight. However, if you’re planning to check in at the airport, you need to reach the airport two hours before the departure of the flight, in case of a domestic flight. If you have made the booking of an international flight, then you need to reach the airport at least three hours prior to the departure of the flight. There are different ways to make the check-in.

  1. Online/web check-in. 
  2. Check-in at the airport. 
  3. Kiosk check-in. 

You can make the check-in through any of the options provided above. There is no doubt that web check-in is undoubtedly the most convenient one for you. 

How do I find my lost baggage on Air India?

To get your lost baggage, you need to contact the customer service team to get it traced. For Air India baggage claim, there are two ways. 

  • You can phone up on 1800 452 308.
  • You can even email your baggage details to baggageservices@dnata.com

Your Air India hand baggage is going to be traced for a period of twenty-one days. If it is not found by the airlines, you can claim compensation for the lost luggage. 


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