What is the booking reference for an Air India ticket?

Air India is India's flag carrier airline, headquartered in the country's capital New Delhi. The airline is known for its customer-centric approach, great customer service, delicious in-flight food, and entertainment. Suppose you made a reservation with the airline and wanted to know more about the Air India booking reference number. In that case, the content below will give you every piece of information related to the reference or booking number of the Air India airline.  

The booking reference or PNR (Passenger Name Record) is issued when you make a reservation with the airline. It consists of some characters and numerals with important information about the booking and the passengers. This PNR number is used while making the check-in or doing other airline-related changes.

How can I check my Air India booking reference?

Passengers can use various ways to check the Air India booking reference, and some of the best methods are listed below. 

Check Through Booking Confirmation Mail - The best and most simple way to check the booking or PNR number is by peaking on the mail sent by the airline after completing the booking process with Air India. In the confirmation email, you will see all the relevant details and the status of your booking, or you can check the status of your booking by performing online check-in or flight status on the airline's official website.

Check via Phone Number - Another best option to get the Air India booking reference confirmation is to call customer service and seek their relevant help. One can use the steps mentioned below to get in touch with customer service.

  1. Dial the official air india customer care number 0124 264 1407.
  2. Select the language in which you are comfortable talking with customer service representatives.
  3. After selecting the language, an IVR will ask you to press the different digits on your cell device according to your problem.
  4. Listen carefully to the IVR voice command and hit the button according to your problem.
  5. Once you get connected with the air india customer service, explain your concern and ask for help regarding the booking reference number of the reservation.

All the information provided above will help you to find the Air India ticket reference number without any hassle.

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