United Airlines Infant Policy

Are you planning a trip with your newborn baby? Traveling with babies can be challenging, and indeed, the requirements of traveling with a baby are not the same as traveling with an adult. If you have made your booking with United Airlines, they are suggesting to fulfill some of their requirements to ensure the safety of the kid. Read the United Airlines infant policy for more clarity. 

  • The infant must be seven days old to fly with United Airlines. 
  • United Airlines considers infants to be children between 7 days and two years old, and they do not offer separate seats. Instead, the infant must sit on the parent's lap during travel. 
  • The infants are not allowed to travel alone. One parent must accompany them.
  • Infants can travel for free within the boundaries of the United States of America. 
  • If your flight is scheduled between the USA, Canada, and Mexico, you will have to pay the government taxes and charges to add an infant. 
  • When flying internationally, parents must pay a partial fee to book travel for their infants.
  • United Airlines allows only one infant on one lap per adult. If you have more than one infant, every baby must be accompanied by an adult for the safety of the kid. 

How do you book a United Airlines plane ticket for a baby?

However, United Airlines does not charge any amount for infant travel, but you still have to inform the airline about your infant so that they can ensure the safety of your kid. International flights are chargeable for infants as well. Make United Airlines infant flight booking by following the process here: 

  1. Move to the official page of United Airlines. 
  2. At the top of the page, click on "Manage my Booking."
  3. Enter the details of your booking to reach the main menu to select the "Add Infant" option. 
  4. You will get an online form on the next page to add the infant to your travel. 
  5. Enter the details of your baby, attach the required documents, and click on next. 
  6. Now, make the necessary payment and book the trip for your infant. 

Note: The passengers can also book infant travel during the online check-in. Follow the simple process of check-in and click on the "Infant on Lap" option. Follow the on-screen instructions and make a reservation for your infant. 

What documents are needed to fly with a baby on United Airlines?

The parents who are traveling with an infant must complete United Airlines infant documentation to bring their baby on the flight. If you fail to bring these documents, the airline will not allow you to travel with an infant. Here are the documents required: 

  • Parents must attach the birth certificate to prove the age of their infant. 
  • A health certificate is required to ensure that the child is fit for travel.

Can I add an infant after booking United Airlines? 

Yes, United Airlines flying with a baby booking is available even after the booking. If passengers have not mentioned the infant in the travel at the time of booking. They do not have to worry as with United Airlines; you can book your infant's travel after the flight booking through the "manage my booking" option or at the time of check-in. 

Is a diaper bag considered a carry-on United?

No, as per the policy of United Airlines, they do not consider the diaper bag as a carry-on bag. The passengers can bring the diaper bag for a fee on the flight in addition to their carry-on or checked bag. 

Do babies need a birth certificate to fly United?

Yes, United Airlines considers the baby an infant under the age of two years. Thus, a birth certificate is a United Airlines infant's requirement to prove the age of the child. Parents need to attach the birth certificate at the time of flight booking so, that the airline can make the arrangements for the baby for a safe trip. 

Can I bring baby food to United Airlines?

United Airlines allows the passengers to bring the baby food on the plane to feed the baby during the flight hours. Here is the food that you can bring on the flight for the infant: 

  1. The airline will allow the mother to breastfeed their infant during the flight hours. 
  2. You can bring milk, and the airline provides you the ice and formula to keep the milk fresh. 
  3. Breast milk, breast pumps, and formula are allowed on the flight for free.  

Are strollers allowed on United Airlines?

Passengers who are traveling with a baby under the age of two years can bring a stroller with them. The stroller can be a collapsible or non-collapsible and a folding wagon or non-folding wagon, but you must get it checked at the ticket counter. Once you get the stroller checked, you can take it on the flight. 

Does the stroller count as carry-on United?

No, the passengers traveling with a kid under the age of two can bring a stroller in addition to the carry-on bag. The airline will not charge you any fee for bringing the stroller on the plane.  

What baby items can you check for free United?

Certain items can be brought by the passengers on the plane for free in addition to personal items and a carry-on bag. These items are mentioned below: 

  1. The passengers can get a diaper bag for free. 
  2. United Airlines allows passengers to bring a stroller on the plane.
  3. A car seat can be obtained on the flight, but it must be an FAA-approved car seat. 
  4. Parents can bring the milk, formula, and breast pump to feed their child on the plane, and the airline does not charge you anything for these items. 

Do infants get a free checked bag with United?

As per the United Airlines lap infant baggage allowance, the parents will have to get the items of the infant in their bag. The infant does not get any extra baggage to carry on the flight. In case the limit of the baggage exceeds, charges may apply to carry the extra bag on the plane. However, there are some items that United Airlines allows parents to bring on the flight for free, which are mentioned above in this article. 

Things to know about car seats

Parents can bring the car seats, but it should be an FAA-approved car seat, which should have a certificate sticker tied to the seat. The child must sit in the car seat, and parents have to keep this on the window seat. The infant must be in the car seat during take-off, landing, and turbulence on the flight. 

If you have any concerns/questions, you can contact the United Airlines customer service department directly. 


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