How do I book multiple people on United?

When planning a journey with your family or friends, you must make group bookings with United Airlines. However, for that, you must be aware of all the necessary things about group travel. The Airline also has a boarding facility that creates groups for boarding so that you can get on your flights comfortably. The process to make group booking is mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines.
  • Click on Book and start putting all the details by selecting the class, arrival and departing locations, ticket type, date and time, etc.
  • Then click on add passenger and again select all the details of the journey.
  • After adding all the passengers one by one, complete the group booking.
  • Follow the instructions and pay for your tickets to receive them via email or download them from the website.

What are the United boarding groups?

United Airlines always puts effort towards keeping the flight onboard process for all the passengers away from troubles and issues. However, this is the reason that they have made united boarding groups and provided boarding numbers to you according to the ticket type, class, special status, etc. You will have a comfortable and quick boarding with this facility and do not have to get through any problems.

How do United boarding groups work?

United Airlines has seven boarding groups that start from Pre-Boarding and get to Groups from 1 to 6. All these groups have different eligibility criteria, and this is how the Airline aligns Boarding Groups to everyone so that they do not have any problems while boarding the flight. We have mentioned all the groups with a few eligibility criteria below:

Pre-Boarding - Customers with disabilities
Group 1 Boarding - Premier Platinum and Gold members
Group 2 Boarding - Premier Silver members
Group 3 Boarding - Economy Plus or United Economy travelers in window seats or exit row seats
Group 4 Boarding - Economy Plus or United Economy travelers in middle seats
Group 5 Boarding - Economy Plus or United Economy travelers in aisle seats
Group 6 Boarding - Travelers in Basic Economy with the ones who do not have boarding group numbers given on the boarding pass. 

How many groups does United have for boarding?

United Airlines has 7 Groups in total for the boarding. They have made these groups to make things convenient and quick for you. Your ticket booking and other things decide your eligibility, and you will get the boarding group accordingly with United Airlines. 

What is the phone number for the United Airlines group booking?

If you are having any issues group boarding process with United Airlines, then you can contact the customer executives to share all the queries about the same and get instant solutions. You must dial 1-800-426-1122 and provide all the details of your ticket, class, seat number, confirmation code, last name, etc. So that the representatives will get to your flight and eventually be able to inform you from which group you belong, what the procedure will be, and what other facilities you can access. 

How do I call United Airlines groups?

If you have any questions about the United Airlines Boarding Group, you can ask the executives over the phone. It is the fastest way to obtain a solution to your queries. We have mentioned the process to connect with a live call person on United:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines.
  • Scroll down to Popular Topics and select Help Center from all the given options.
  • Then get to Call Us and click on View Directory.
  • You will be at the Help Center of the Airline with all the phone numbers given.
  • Get the contact number, dial 1-800-426-1122, and start talking to the executives on the phone about the boarding groups.
  • Make sure you provide them with all the details of your booking as only then they can help you. 

How to get into Group 1 or 2 United?

As we have discussed earlier, United Airlines has seven boarding groups in total. Let us discuss and focus on Groups 1 and 2. If you find yourself eligible for any of them, you will be traveling with that group. Let us look at these groups and their eligibility mentioned below:

Boarding Group 1 - You need to be a Premiere Platinum, and the Gold members will be added to this Group. Other than that, if you are a Star Alliance Gold member, United Polaris, United First, and United Business cabins.

Boarding Group 2 - To be a part of Group 2, you need to be a Premiere Silver Member or a Star Alliance Silver member. If you have been assigned Premiere access or Priority Boarding, then you can be a part of this Group. However, United Explorer, Club, and Presidential Plus℠ Cardmembers also hold the eligibility.

How do you get Group 3 on United?

You can be a part of Group 3 as well if you hold the eligibility required. To be in Group 3, you must have to book Economy Plus or United Economy window or exit row seats. Make sure you fulfill these requirements so that the Airline will add you to Group 3. 

How does United Airlines Group boarding check-in work?

If you are traveling with a group, you will not be able to check-in online. United Airlines group check-in can only be done at the Airport, and even if you are not traveling with Group Booking, the Airline will add you to a Boarding Group and you will have to complete the process with them. Here are some points to remember about group check-in:

  1. Arrive at the Airport at least 2 to 3 hours before the scheduled flight so you can get through the check-in process easily.
  2. You must have all the required documents for the check-in.
  3. The documents that you should carry are the ticket, passport, VISA (if applicable), government-issued identity card, and any other special status card you have from the Airline.
  4. You will given priority check-in with United Airlines and have a separate queue for the same.
  5. You can have an extra baggage allowance if you have made Group Bookings. 

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