How can I get a refund on my SpiceJet ticket?

Spicejet is an Indian airline that offers domestic and international flight services. If you have chosen Spicejet Airlines as your travel companion and cannot travel on your scheduled flight date, you can easily cancel your Spicejet airline ticket and get a refund. If you are wondering about the ways to get a SpiceJet ticket refund. In that case, there are several methods you can use:

Different ways to get a refund from SpiceJet

Via Manage Booking

  • Initially, you have to access the official website of SpiceJet Airlines. https://www.spicejet.com/
  • Move to the menu page where you will get the "Manage Booking" option. 
  • Enter the "PNR Number / Ticket Number" and "Email ID / Last Name" and click on the search booking button. 
  • Select the flight reservation wants to cancel and confirm the canceled booking. 
  • When you cancel the flight, a Spicejet refund request form will appear, fill it out, and submit it to get your flight ticket refund.
  • After that, the airline will send you a confirmation email regarding a refund on your email id.

Contact Spicejet customer care

If you are unable to request a refund online, you can dial SpiceJet customer care number 0124 498 3410. When you connect, you must follow all the instructions to get your money back from SpiceJet. 

Spicejet Refund Policy

  1. If you have to cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, then you will get a full refund from the airline. 
  2. If you have to cancel the flight after 24 hours of booking, then you are not eligible to get a full amount of refund.
  3. You will get a refund in the same form you used while making the payment. 

How much time does SpiceJet take to refund?

The Spicejet airlines will take 7 to 15 working days. And if you cancel the flight by any agent, the refund process will take a long time to get the refund. However, if you try to get the refund online, then this will take 24 to 48 working hours from the airline. 

Is my SpiceJet ticket refundable?

Yes, a SpiceJet ticket is refundable; if you cancel the flight for any reason, then your flight ticket can be refunded in your original form of payment. Moreover, there are other alternatives: if your flight is canceled by the airline, you can select the payment option or the other airline booking. 

Will SpiceJet refund the money?

Yes, you can get money back from SpiceJet on the canceled flight but you have to submit the post-cancellation of the ticket up to a maximum of 10 days before your date of travel. Moreover, if you cancel the flight within 24 hours, then you will get a full refund. 

How can I claim my SpiceJet NO SHOW refund?

In the case of a NO SHOW, you are not eligible to get a refund from the airline or can't make a Spicejet refund claim; they don't allow for any refund. If you don't appear at the airport on time and lose your flight, customer services can change your flight date and time, but they don't refund any passenger for not showing the departure time. 

What are the cancellation charges for SpiceJet?

If you cancel the flight within 24 hours, then you don't have to pay any charges and get a full Spicejet refund, but if you cancel the flight after 24 hours, then there are some charges that you have to pay, and the charges are between the $100 to $150. 

May all the details mentioned above benefit you, and many different pieces of information are given to assist you in getting all the information; if there is any doubt, they instantly contact customer support and resolve the problems. 


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