Get information on Spicejet baggage policy & allowance

Spicejet has made policies in favor of the customers. That is why if you stick to the baggage policy, you'll be able to carry your luggage utterly free of cost. However, it is essential to adhere to the weight and measurement conditions. 

Spicejet baggage policy

Their generous policy regarding baggage is provided below. It'll ensure that you can carry your luggage without any extra charges. Your primary focus must be on weight, measurement, and quantity.

  • All the passengers are allowed to take one piece of hand baggage.
  • All the items in the hand baggage must fit easily. 
  • Any items inside the hand baggage which is too big to do in the bag will be counted in the check-in baggage. 
  • On the Domestic flight SpiceJet, you'll be allowed to carry one piece of checked-in baggage free of cost. 
  • Ensure that you're checked baggage weight is not more than 15kg. Anything above this is going to be charged extra. 
  • On the international flight Spicejet, you're allowed to carry two hand baggage. 
  • In the case of an infant, you're allowed to take the essential items. 

The policy above will ensure that you will not be charged even a penny for the baggage you will carry. Per the Spicejet infant baggage policy, a child over seven days and under two years of age is considered an infant. 

How to do baggage check-in on SpiceJet?

Web check-in is an escape from the long queues at the airport. You only need to select the correct path on the official Spicejet website. There you'll be able to check in quickly. Once you have done that, then at the airport, you can avoid the long queue and quickly board your flight. For web check-in, you need to follow the steps below. Then you'll not get into trouble in the SpiceJet check-in baggage through the web. 

  1. Get on Spicejet's website. 
  2. Now you need to click the "Check-in" button. 
  3. Once you have clicked it, enter the PNR number and the name on the booking. 
  4. Press the check-in button. 
  5. That is it. You have completed the process of check-in. 

This is undoubtedly very beneficial if you value your time. At the same time, this is not the only way to make the check-in. You can even try the Kiosk check-in at the airport. This machine also helps you to avoid the log queue. 

How do I add baggage after Web check-in SpiceJet?

Spicejet has made adding baggage very simple and easy for customers. For SpiceJet baggage booking you can follow the path provided below. Then you'll be able to enter the number of baggage you're going to carry. 

  • Get on Spicejet's website. 
  • Click the check-in option. 
  • Now write the PNR number and the name of the passenger. 
  • Press the button for check-in.
  • Now select the number of baggage per person. 
  • Select the bag tags option. 

You must print your bag tags, and carry them at the airport. Isn't that really simple and easy? For more information regarding the SpiceJet international baggage allowance, you can read ahead. 

How many kgs are allowed in SpiceJet? 

It is important to be aware of the right baggage weight allowance. Because if you exceed it then you'll be charged. 

  1. In Domestic flights, you're allowed to carry up to 15kg of baggage. 
  2. In the case of international flights, you'll be allowed to carry 20kg of baggage. 

Make sure that you stick to the weight limit which is provided above. That is certainly going to help you out. 

How many bags are allowed in SpiceJet?

Spicejet has ensured that customers have the scope to carry free baggage. For that, they have ensured that on international flights, customers are allowed to carry 2 free baggage, and on the domestic flight one baggage. This will make the customer carry their luggage completely free of cost and without hassle. However, you need to make certain that the items in the baggage are properly fitting in your baggage. Or else it can cause inconvenience to the passengers. 

How many check-in bags are allowed in SpiceJet?

You're allowed to carry one free check-in baggage in Spicejet. However, you also need to ensure that you have not exceeded the weight limit. Or else you need to pay the fine. So, if ensure that you have successfully avoided the extra fee of the SpiceJet baggage allowance, domestic or international, then make certain that the weight of the baggage is within the limit. 

What is the Spicejet baggage allowance for children?

For children, Spicejet has created a scope of 7 kg. That means a child is allowed to carry one piece of baggage, and it should not be more than 7kg. The dimension should be small enough to make the baggage fit in the overhead cabin. 

How do I claim baggage damage on SpiceJet?

In the case of a Spicejet baggage damage claim, you have to ensure that you have connected with the staff at the counter of Spicejet. They are going to take down your query. As per the damage, the representative is going to ensure that you get compensation for the loss. You can even connect with the customer service team by calling upon their official number +91 (0)124 4983410. 

How do I add more luggage to my SpiceJet?

You need to ensure that you stay within the Spicejet baggage allowance policy. Then you're not going to be charged anything extra. However, if a situation arises where you need to carry extra. Then I have to make the payment of Rs400/kg. So, to avoid this charge you have to ensure that you stay within the 15kg per bag limit. 

How much does 1 kg of excess baggage cost at SpiceJet?

As per the Spicejet baggage policy, you need to make the payment of Rs400/kg. So, if you're carrying 10kg extra weight, then you need to make the payment of Rs 4000. 


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