What is Web check-in in SpiceJet? 

SpiceJet runs a facility for you in which you can mark your presence for the flight online and let the airline know that you are going to travel, even without visiting the airport or waiting in long lines. It is known as the Spicejet web check-in service. A web check-in facility saves you time as you directly go to the check-in counter and collect the hard copy of your boarding pass.

How do I check-in with SpiceJet?

Get the ways with steps that can help you check-in for your flight.

Web Check-in:- The service of Spicejet online check-in follows some steps. Know them below:-

  • Open the official website of SpiceJet or use the mobile application. https://www.spicejet.com/
  • Login to your passenger’s account. 
  • Observe the “Check-in” icon, and click on it. https://www.spicejet.com/checkin
  • Search your booking from “PNR number” and “Last name/email ID”.
  • When your booking arrives, click on the check-in for your flight option and continue
  • Your presence will be marked on the flight.

Kiosk Check-in:- At the airport, there are multiple kiosks stationed by the airlines to help you with doing the prior check-ins. Reach the airport, and instead of standing in lines, visit the kiosk of SpiceJet to check-in for the flight.

Counter Check-in:- If you were not ready or aware of the above two ways to check-in for the flight, then you are free to visit the counter of SpiceJet and mark your attendance for the flight through check-in.

Spicejet check-in policy

Regulations are essential to know because they wash away the doubts related to the particular service:-

  1. If you are traveling with an unaccompanied minor, an infant, or a person who is in need of a medical facility like a wheelchair, then you are not suggested to use the web check-in.
  2. If you have already accessed the web check-in for your flight, then you cannot make changes ahead.
  3. Web check-in will not be done if the tickets are for a group of more than 9 passengers.

What is the time period for Web check-in?

2 hours to 48 hours before the departure is the Spicejet web check-in time for you. At this specific time, SpiceJet lets you check-in for the flight and accepts your presence through all modes of check-in for your flight. But if you are at the airport, then you can use the kiosk for check-in 2 to 3 hours before the departure. The airport counters are open 24 by 7 for passengers. You can visit them anytime.

Can I check-in 2 bags with SpiceJet?

According to the Spicejet check-in baggage rules, every passenger is allowed to bring one check-in baggage and one handbag to the flight without paying any cost. Now, the essential points:- 

  • The handbag that you bring with you in the aircraft must not exceed the weight of 7 Kilograms.
  • The free checked-in bag must be under the weight of 15 Kilograms.

When can I download my boarding pass SpiceJet?

You are eligible to download the boarding pass Spicejet when you have done either web check-in or kiosk check-in.

  1. When you operate your airline’s account for web check-in then, after its success, a pdf of your boarding pass arrives that you can save to your device.
  2. The same happens when you do the kiosk check-in at the airport; you enter your email address or phone number and receive the boarding pass. Download it and show it at the counter if required.

What is E boarding pass SpiceJet?

The e-boarding pass Spicejet is the electronic document or format of your boarding pass, which is provided to you when you do the web check-in or kiosk check-in. You have to take the printout of it so you can show it at the counter and complete other formalities like dropping off the bags and security checks.

How many check-in bags are allowed in SpiceJet?

SpiceJet allows passengers to bring only one checked-in baggage with them, and for that airline does not charge any cost. But you cannot get the Spicejet boarding pass if you have extra luggage at the baggage counter. Then you need to request one more baggage and pay extra charges for it. The new luggage must be within the limit of 35 Kilograms. Also, The number of baggage depends upon your ticket type means the class in which you are traveling.


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