Guide on changing the name on an Indigo ticket and the name correction policy

Indigo Airlines puts all its efforts into making the passengers' journey comfortable and memorable, treating them according to their liking, and also trying to fulfill all their requirements. If you want to change your name on an Indigo ticket, there is a procedure that every passenger needs to follow. 

Read and understand the Indigo name correction policy and follow the steps to change the passenger name on the flight ticket.

Change the passenger name on the Indigo ticket online

  • Open the official website of Indigo and click on “Manage,” and select “Edit Bookings”. https://www.goindigo.in/
  • Fill out the ticket details such as “Booking Reference," “Email,” or “Last Name.” https://www.goindigo.in/edit-booking.html
  • Once the details are filled in, click on “search,” and all your details will be in front of you.
  • Select the name change option and change your name or the spelling mistakes it has.
  • As soon as you are finished with the changes. Indigo Airlines will send you a notification and then email you a new ticket with the changes you have made in your name.

What is the Indigo name change policy?

With a few simple and easy-to-follow rules, passengers can change their names on Indigo Airlines. Here are some mandatory Indigo Airlines Name Correction Policies that you must follow:

  1. The passenger needs to change the name on the flight ticket Indigo within 24 hours or at least 2 hours before the flight departure time.
  2. If the passenger has paid the fees for the name change, they need not pay the fees for the flight change.
  3. To make a significant change in the name or surname, passengers need to submit their documents only then Indigo changes the passenger name after the verification.
  4. Minor changes in the name could be done by the passengers themselves, like spelling mistakes. They don't need to submit any documents for that.

How much does Indigo charge for a name change?

The charges for any flight change mostly depend on the flight distance, class, destination, or travel insurance you have. If you are making any changes before four days of the departure date, then you have to pay 2500 INR.


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