How can I select a seat on IndiGo?

You make a booking for your trip in different ways, like online or with the help of customer service; likewise, the indigo seat selection also requires the same methods. Let know the steps of each method in brief:-

IndiGo Online Seat Selection Process

  • You may hang on to the airline's website from your browser. www.goindigo.in
  • Put your to the "Manage" tab and select the "Edit booking" option from the drop-down.
  • Place a "Booking Number" on your ticket and a "Last name/ Email" to open your ticket.
  • Click on the "Select seat" tab from the several editing options.
  • Now, a seating plan of your aircraft will open on the screen, and the available seats will be highlighted with a particular color.
  • Choose a seat of your choice and check if any charges are applied to it.
  • Pay the appropriate amount and confirm your selected seat for your journey.

Customer support:-

You may also choose a seat to call the IndiGo helpline and raise a request to get a seat of your choice. Dial the toll-free 0124 617 3838 and speak directly to customer care.

Learn about the Indigo seat selection policy

  1. You are eligible to select your seat after confirming your ticket from the airline.
  2. You may choose a particular seat of your desire from the day of ticket purchase to 24 hours before the flight departure.
  3. A 24-hour policy is also applied to seat selection facilities.
  4. Selecting seats can also be entertained at the airport while receiving your boarding pass.
  5. You will only get the seat of choice if available or vacant in the aircraft.
  6. Charges for your selected seat depend upon the destination and ticket type.
  7. If the seat selection is made within 24 hours, then only service charges are not paid, but the amount of your desirable seat has to be paid for the journey. 

Do I have to pay for IndiGo seat selection?

Yes, according to the 24-hour policy of IndiGo. It is free of cost for you if you make a seat selection for your journey within 24 hours of your booking. But, If you are selecting a seat after 24 hours of ticket confirmation, you need to pay indigo seat selection charges and the amount for your selected seat. If you are a Business or First class ticket holder, then this facility of seat selection is free of cost for you.

What happens if I don't select my seat on IndiGo?

No worries, nothing unfortunate happened. Sometimes passengers forget to do this after confirming the ticket. There is another facility for you, and if you did not select a seat online, you might ask for a particular seat at the IndiGo counter after paying the Indigo seat selection fee at the airport.

Is it mandatory to select seats in Web Check IndiGo?

No, it is not mandatory. You may select a seat during web check-in indigo because you get a seat map in this process. If you want to do this, you are allowed; otherwise, you can skip it. You have several options before web Check-In:- 

  • Through online mode.
  • Through the customer support services of IndiGo.

Options for after web Check-In:-

  • IndiGo helpline counter at the airport.
  • Request to the airline's customer support team.

How can I avoid paying for seat selection on IndiGo?

There are some answers and points for indigo airlines' free seat selection, and you may look after the points mentioned:-

  1. You can redeem your miles or bonus if you have earned it by traveling with IndiGo on your earlier trips.
  2. Make a booking in Business or First class and enjoy the no-charges service of seat selection from IndiGo.
  3. You may also come in contact with the airline's customer services for more information on free seat selection.

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