Become competent in baggage policy on IndiGo Airlines

IndiGo Airlines provides the lowest cost flight booking service with particular baggage you carry to your required destination. It facilitates the online baggage check-in service that offers brilliant help for the Indigo Airlines baggage allowance as per the rule and policies. Suppose you consider checking in your baggage before boarding. In that case, you must go through the genuine baggage policy that helps you significantly carry limited-size luggage in width, length, dimension, and weight. You can find complete baggage allowance details in the question-wise details bestowed by the experienced travel agent suitably.

Can I check-in 2 bags with IndiGo?

Yes, you can check in at least two bags with IndiGo in Economy Class, and the total dimensions in length, breadth, and height should be exceeded 107 inches. The linear Indigo check-in baggage size of each piece should be at most 62 inches. And the weight of each bag must not exceed 234 kg or 50 pounds.

How many bags are allowed in IndiGo?

Indigo generally allows you to carry only one bag weighing at most 23kgs. For extra Indigo airlines baggage allowance, you have to pay additional charges on an IndiGo flight at a specific time of flight check-in service. You must check with the baggage rule and its policy that helps you to add more baggage at an affordable cost securely.

What is the maximum baggage weight for an IndiGo flight?

When you plan your travel in IndiGo, it generally operates in Economy class. You are entitled to carry 23KG to 32KG maximum weight, and the mass should not exceed 62 inches in overall dimensions. You may get certain facilities of baggage service that allow you to add baggage weight in a secure way decently.

How much weight is allowed in check-in baggage IndiGo?

When performing check-in tasks online or at the airport, you can carry only 15 kg per Baggage. If you booked your flight with double or multisets booking, you could exceed the weight of Baggage during Indigo check-in baggage size by around 10kgs per passenger, and the charges will be applied as per the extra Baggage you will add.

How many kgs are allowed in Indigo?

IndiGo allows you to board its flight with 15kg baggage that you can carry during flight check-in. You will find further information about the dimension or weight at the airport or read the baggage policy. After this, if you exceed the weight and sizes in the baggage, you must pay the extra charges when applicable during baggage allowance.

How many hours before I can check-in my luggage IndiGo?

Travel agent of IndiGo recommends you reach the airport around 2 to 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure. This recommendation is applied for domestic and international flights, and you get ample time to make relevant modifications to your travel. It gives you enough Indigo check-in baggage time and collects your boarding pass, check in your baggage and go through the security screen at the departure gate in time for your flight unaffectedly.  

What items are not allowed in checked baggage IndiGo?

You must be aware of the items not allowed in checked baggage on IndiGo Airlines, such as medication, valuables, fragile, perishable items, and precious items like cameras, jewelry, money, electronics, etc. You must not choose your cabin for these items if you have planned to travel on IndiGo Airlines, as it will only accept the responsibilities for these items somewhat.

What if my luggage is 1 kg overweight IndiGo?

You have frequently been advised to carry only one or two bags of limited size. However, if your luggage is 1 kg overweight, you will only be asked to pay the overweight Indigo Airlines baggage charges. You can share your queries with a travel agent and ask for the relevant cost when you exceed the luggage during a flight check-in at the airport.

How many kgs are allowed on IndiGo domestic flights?

You will feel relaxed while enjoying your air trip with IndiGo. This way, if you wish to know the weight of the domestic Indigo baggage allowance, it should be at least 15kg per person and, at most, 32 kilograms per baggage. When you wish to add extra baggage and check the cost of it, select the class of booking and fare type in a particular strategic manner, ideally.

Is baggage allowance for children in IndiGo?

Yes, you will get the baggage allowance for a child on Domestic IndiGo flights, where you can choose the 7 kg hand baggage to board the flight quickly. One stroller is allowed at no cost when selecting an Indigo baggage allowance for infants and getting advice for the baggage allowance for your child especially. You can book an extra seat for less and travel with more space and comfort. You might get an additional baggage allowance of around 10 kg per passenger and pay the cost accordingly.

Does IndiGo pay for damaged luggage?

IndiGo Airlines is responsible for repairing or reimbursing a passenger for damaged baggage under the airline's control during transportation. But it is not liable for any loss or Indigo Airlines baggage damage claim is caused to customers' hand baggage and personal belongings that are carried by you specially. You will find it simple to check with your airlines for compensation that happens for delays based on the hours of delay baggage especially.

What if baggage is lost in Indigo?

Your baggage depends on the class of booking and fare type that is required to be paid by the airlines and be ready to request compensation at your required time especially. You constantly check your baggage when you complete your travel and reach your destination. But you notice that Indigo Airlines baggage is missing. In that case, you are entitled to pay a fee of INR 95 for domestic and $330 for international travel and get better assistance from a live person at a specific time. You will get significant service to manage your baggage by just adding some extra and get extraordinary ideas to get the compensation or repairing service when the luggage is lost and get brilliant facilities for the baggage allowance at a particular time ideally.

Can I check in 2 bags with IndiGo for students?

Yes, you can check at least two bags with Indigo for students who have planned to travel to their required destination. You will check with the Indigo Airlines baggage allowance for students and get the maximum benefits you may find during your flight journey suitably. Students always get a special discount for the baggage allowance of around 6% when adding any extra baggage at the time of booking especially.  

What is the baggage allowance for Indigo Airlines International?

IndiGo instructs you on the baggage allowance for international flights that you book to your required destination. You may be applied additional charges for international baggage allowance indigo for the excess baggage in a logical manner.

  • It asks to add double and multiset booking with an extra 10 kg and 115 cm in Length, Width, and Height.
  • You may get one handbag up to 7 kg that you can add to our luggage when you fly internationally.
  • You will suitably check with the baggage service for around 15kg during the flight check-in process when aboard the flight.
  • You are required to request the baggage allowance for Indigo Airlines international and collect the weight, size, and pieces of information.   

Can I take 2 bags as hand luggage in IndiGo?

No, you are allowed only one hand luggage on IndiGo Airlines, and its size should be at least more than 7 kg. If you have selected a flight under the Vande Bharat Mission, you can choose the Indigo hand baggage allowance, around 25 KG for check-in and 7 kg for hand baggage that you must carry to your required destination on time. When you plan your travel in the Economy class and are willing to get complete the baggage service, you can take around 23 kg, which can exceed approximately 32 kg. Still, you must pay the appropriate amount to make your flight journey suitable at any time.

Can I carry 2 bags with 15 kg on the IndiGo flight?

Yes, you can carry two bags with 15 KG in Indigo after getting permission from a travel agent that you get after requesting the baggage service. You must understand the simple Indigo check-in baggage rules that help you carry at least two bags with 15 kg on an Indigo flight and make your flight journey more convenient every time. Initially, when you book your flight ticket on IndiGo Airlines, it recommends you carry only one bag of 15kg. Still, when it comes subject to a maximum of 2 pieces of baggage and going for pre-booked service, you must strictly consider paying an appropriate amount of around INR 750 per piece.


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