calendarOctober 11, 2022Travel

How can I cancel my Air India ticket?

Cancel your Air India ticket online by Manage the Booking at www.airindia.in. As per the cancellation policy, cancel a flight for free within 24 hours of booking.

calendarOctober 10, 2022Travel

How can I get a refund from GoAir?

You can get a refund from GoAir by filling out the refund request form online within 7 to 10 business days. Or contact GoAir customer care for refund related issues.

calendarOctober 10, 2022Travel

How do I book my seat on SpiceJet?

You can select a seat on Spicejet during the check-in for your flight at the airport. Or through Manage the Booking by entering the PNR Number & Last Name.

calendarOctober 7, 2022Travel

How do I cancel flight on Vistara?

To cancel Vistara flight contact to the customer care at +91 9289228888. Or visit www.airvistara.com to cancel Vistara reservation online by manage the booking.

calendarOctober 7, 2022Travel

How do I reschedule my Vistara flight?

Reschedule your Vistara flight online at www.airvistara.com by Managing the Booking and enter your itinerary details and select the booking you want to reschedule.

calendarOctober 6, 2022Travel

How do I do web check-in on Air India?

Go to the Air India official website airindia.in and click on the Web check-in tab and enter the PNR number & last name to get your boarding pass from Air India.

calendarOctober 6, 2022Travel

Change an Air India flight date | Reschedule Policy and Fee

You can change the date of your Air India flight ticket within 24 hours without paying any fee through Manage Booking and select a new date as per your travel plan.

calendarOctober 6, 2022Travel

How can I check my Air India booking reference?

You can check the Air India booking reference number on the ticket itself. Or check the confirmation email sent by the airline after the flight reservation.

calendarOctober 1, 2022Travel

How to cancel a Goair flight?

You can cancel your Goair flight online at www.flygofirst.com within 24 hours without paying any cancellation fee. Or Contact Goair Call Centre to speak directly.

calendarOctober 1, 2022Travel

How do I get a refund if I cancel my Vistara flight?

Get a refund from Vistara online by filling the refund request form. Call Vistara Customer Care. Cancel Vistara booking within 24 hours to get a full refund.